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Memory/poison of a person dear to your heart
Memory/poison of a person dear to your heart
21 days ago

Memory/poison of a person dear to your heart

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Peter Hammill sang "And I can't get you out of my mind No, no, no, I just can't get you from my mind" (Shingle Song). This would be a worthy illustration...

21 daysReply


relevant title - shows the the dichotomy of our memories and perspective

Now this is deep. Love it!

'Better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all . . .'

Eh. I've loved and lost. Honestly. It's worn me down to where I think I would have preferred to have to existed without having to endure such awful debilitating, crushing, breath stealing, life sucking devastating pain of loosing someone I love. It's a pain that never heals and just. Remains. You just learn to act like your. Not hurting as bad as you did anymore. When at any givin time. You could fall to your knees and relive that nightmare of when you first experienced the pain of loss.

Honestly. I'd rather never have loved to avoid having to pay the price for the rest of my days of the disillusion of some things called Love.

Or maybe I'm just exhausted and grown to be tired and a bit bitter after having to be what feels like soul taxed all because I was blessed with love. I apologize

Replying to: Anonymous User Eh. I've loved and lost. Hones...

I loved for 40 years and then suddenly, GONE. Pulmonary Fibrosis - an insidious disease in which the lungs form scar tissue and are no longer flexible to transfer gases. The victim gasps and suffocates even on pure oxygen! We were suppose to retire together and travel the world. Now, I'm alone with only memories and quickly becoming a "shut-in." Forty years is a long time and we worked hard to make an upcoming retirement a true adventure. I was robbed! Call me greedy! I wanted more time and was denied, but I would never trade those 40 for anything. I was glad to share my life and love with someone who was equally happy to share their life. I hope you can someday find a touch of that miracle, the one they call love.

Cette jolie image me fait penser a ma chère épouse décédée et qui reste dans ma tète en permanence. IMAGE ABSOLUMENT SUPERBE


Et moi ma mère, désolé pour votre épouse, courage.

Lovely pic. Following..

Very good, I like it

Excellent made

perfectly ✨✨🙏

Fantastic work my friend <3

Amazing, good work

Wow!! This is incredible! 🩶

Great one....well done!

I love the concept on this one👌🏻🫶🏻❤️

Great artwork, as usual! Congratulations!

Very good job ,top 🙏❤️

Waw! L’image est incroyable, très impressionnante 😍j’adore!

This is so beautiful, wonderful piece

Great idea and execution.

Touch bitter, there.

I've been trying to get shapes out of smoke for ages. This is fantastic. Well done!!!


Wow, this captures the feelings perfectly. Nice job!

This is amazing work ❤️

This is a great depiction

This would make a good subject for a story. Time travel romance maybe?

Hope all is well with your heart. Beautiful picture, great expression.

Oh, it's really incredible! In some spiritual circles, beliefs, it would be very significant.

Brilliant! 🖤

Beautifully done 👏🏼😌

Amazing 🥰🖤

This hits me deeply. Thank you.

Intriguing and pure!

Superbe image j'aime beaucoup

Très vraie cette image. la couleur en camaïeux, les attitudes, la diagonale utilisée, et la pensée matérialisée par cette sorte de fumée noire qui sort du cortex reptilien, tout simplement GENIAL.

Spellbinding , beautiful 🌸🌸🌸

Whoa this is cool!

Amazing image. It shows sadness perfectly.

Creativity 10, Execution 10

Creativity 10, Execution 10

I can feel the emotions here. That's incredible!

Eerie...and it's so true 👍 Thanks for bringing this sentiment to art.

Reminds me of the quote "the dead morn the living" When I was younger it didn't make Sense until my boyfriend died. Then it became so obvious. When we loose someone we care about, all of those who knew them lost them, but if you think of it on the flip side. The one we all lost, they took lost all of us. We have each other to morn and grieve and attempt to distract from the pain of loss. But the one we lost, is all alone and has lost every one they ever know or cared about in this life, they are left alone to morn and grieve the loss of all of us.. Truly sad. Only thing I can say is they are never truly gone until they are become forgotten. Then. If no one knew you ever existed, then, is it possible that we may never have existed at all. Strange and curious things to think about I guess. Sorry.

Very thought provoking artwork indeed. Thank you for sharing this amazing creation with everyone. I obviously adore it.

Excellent artwork - tells a story !! - a pic to think about 👍💜

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