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Wine Goblet: The Revealer of Secrets
Wine Goblet: The Revealer of Secrets
25 days ago

Wine Goblet: The Revealer of Secrets

Created a month ago · 140 comments· 0 likes

Mysterious XL v4


The wine goblet revealed the invisible castle in the ocean

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I love how you captivated a scene within the goblet, and the way the wine patterns around it is amazing.

25 daysReply

Thank you!! ❤



This is beautiful! :)❤I like it! :)❤Following you! :)

Replying to: Vanilla Ice Cream Thank you! ❤

❤ You are welcome! :) ❤😍😘❤❤❤

Thats what i call a good glass of wine from a french chateau 😎😋

Awesome 💕 it

Replying to: Vanilla Ice Cream Thank you!

I am new here to create for 3 various blogs i have started. love some help and friends!

Replying to: Anonymous User I am new here to create for 3...

Not sure if I could be of help. I'm not a pro in prompting. I'm kinda new too. I started 10 days ago. I anchored my works more on concepts than on prompting skills. But a tip, you can check the #open-prompt-gang in explore. You can save people's prompts and use it or just check what words or modifiers they used that you would like to use in your works.

Replying to: Anonymous User I am new here to create for 3...

Not sure if you are talking to me or the person I'm replying too hahahah but there..

Absolutely Marvelous 😌✨✌️

Replying to: Vanilla Ice Cream Thankies!

Pleasurs 😌✨✌️

Beautiful creation! Well done! You got yourself a new follower. Feel free to check out my profile as well whenever you have a moment. Keep it up!

Wahnsinn, unglaublich gut geworden

Love it, fantastic

❤️ Followed

Great Composition 👍 followed 🖤 Visit me and take

The title is very true- when you drink you end up revealing things you never meant to

Yeah, it is. I actually didn't mean it in that when I made the title, but I did notice it too after this work got some attention. It's coincidentally true. Good Insight!

Replying to: Stargazerofthesky123 Ty! Followed

Thanks! I did the same 😉

Wine for water!! Amazing idea!

wow that is the castle those vampires live.

Maybe? Who knows? One has to go to the castle to unveil the secrets. 👁🏰

Replying to: Vanilla Ice Cream Maybe? Who knows? One has to g...

last time i check it was just full of gorgeous women maybe it isn't bad after all oh well.

I´m speechless to be honest!! 👏

All kinds of cool. You're going to get 100 comments on this one. The red light get the attention but then you see the wave!!

Replying to: Vanilla Ice Cream Thanks!


This is absolutely gorgeous and epic. Love this theme

Like the username, too!

I just love this! I didn’t notice wine waves before but saw tjem this time, and wine bottles look like lighthouses. Beautiful concept. Consider entering on Free Thursday competition.

Gorgeous 💜


It’s very awesome

"Who put Castle Volkihar in my wine?"

Love this, well done

Great twist on the scene in a glass theme.

Wow! Stunning creation

I love this one so much 🖤🖤🖤🩸🩸🩸

Such a fantastic artwork!!

that is beautiful


Thank you all for joining this challenge!!!!! Amazing work, all of you!!!!!! Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!

That's kinda mysterious....but woww

Very neat. I like it

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