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Good weather, good feeling ☀️
Good weather, good feeling ☀️
13 days ago

Good weather, good feeling ☀️

Created 13 days ago · 202 comments· 0 likes


Inspired by @naturx ☀️💙

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Fantastic! So creative Morkai!

13 daysReply

Thank you very much, NikkoP!

Had you in my short list 🙂

Was this a 'heavy texture, deep texture, thick brush strokes etc kinda thing'?

Thank you so much, Thoragh! 😃

No not on this one, I described a blend of various mediums I wanted, including impasto and others, the colors, and vocabulary like: realistic texture, realistic anatomy, expertly rendered... As well as, of course, the subjects of the image. I actually had quite a bit of difficulty getting what I wanted. What ended up helping me was to eventually include the subject at the end of the prompt, thereby placing more emphasis on the technical aspects at the beginning and middle.

And I slightly retouched the colors, contrast and exposure.

I have found a very good one for my AD&D 2e series where I put stuff like sfumato and chiaroscuro at the very front and then described the subject, add some lighting , more subject info, and then finally any art styles (in that case it is just broadly Dungeons and Dragons style). Maybe that will help you in the future too 🙂

Ah thank you so much for your precious wisdom 🤗❤️

💞💞 💞

Replying to: Elena 💞💞 💞

Many thanks Elena! <3

Thank you Sara!

beautiful texture play piece!

Thank you so much, WynSongByrd! <3

🪙 1

Wunderschön und plastisch zum anfassen...😊👍

Vielen Dank!

I feel so happy now 😍🙏

Thank you for the generous tip 🥰🥰

So we are two! Thank you! :-)

Replying to: Annyeongpororo Thank you for the generous tip...

With pleasure! Thanks for your kind words! <3

❣️ Beautiful !

thank you for tip !

Thank you for tip !!

Replying to: Csf Thank you for tip !!

With pleasure Coqueliko!

merci pour le tip!


Thank you BigBadron!

Thank you Alone Rays!

Thank you Coffeeshop! :)

Thanks Oliver!


Aww!!Thank you Morkai! Really beautiful! I appreciate it a lot ☀️💙

So glad you like it! Thank you for the inspiration!

🪙 1

Lovely creation

Thank you Anaa! <3 <3

Very beautiful ❤️🥰😻

Thank you so much, Lunatic Kitty!❤️

Congrats Morkai! Beautiful creation, one of my top favorites 😍

Thank you very much, Fred! ❤️❤️

So beautiful Morkai😍

Ah thank you Missy! ❤️


First time I see this sort of a texture made this clean and creating that perfect composition. Really aesthetic, I loved it a lot today.

Ah thanks a lot SRATON! <3



Thank you! :)

A beautiful creation indeed Mork 🤩

Thank you very much, Uwork! ❤️

Thanks a lot!



Thank you Ericde!

Superbe réalisation! Bravo!

Merci beaucoup!

this is just beautiful x



Thank youuuu! ❤️ :)

Perfect composition

Thank you very much!

Thank you Luciana!


Thank you Crafter!

Thank you Celestina!

Most wonderful! Following

Thank you very much! ❤️

🪙 1

Wow, so great textures!! Really well done creation!💕

Thank you very much, BR! <3

Love the textures! Great composition


Amazing art, congrats!

Awesome..Great Works!! 🤩

Love the textures and the color combos.

So beautiful

Really nice texture play, Morkai! Beautiful details!

Awesomely good - love it! "Good Day Sunshine" springs to mind, well done Morkai

Thanks again for the tip Morkai 🙏🏻💜😊

So beautiful!

🪙 1

amazing scene

Totally Amazing!

Wow amazing image Morkai!

I would love to have this in a frame or on my wall.

A true work of art Morkai, even though I don't like heat!



So gorgeous 🌹

So beautiful 🥰👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Thank you so much for your tip! 🪙

Gorgeous 💙



Absolutely mind-blowing!! I'm following you for sure!

Amazing 🤩

Sweet 🩷💚🩵

Thank you for the tip! 🙏



Excellent, super, wonderful work

So lovely 😍😍😍



@MorkAIart merci beaucoup pour le tip (tkank you very much for the tips)

So lovely!

Wow, so beautiful!

Incredibly beautiful!! 😍

Thank you for the tip. ;-)

Merveilleux impasto 👍😻

Wow! Love the depth, Morkai!

Muchas gracias por la propina 😊😊

So Beautiful, well done 😃

And thank you for the tip!

Replying to: Mreus1






Wowsers! This is so beautifully detailed 😍💜

Thank you for the kind tip Morkai 🥰

Amazing textures! And the Sun reminds me BabyBell cheese

🪙 1



love the "texture", reminds me of a pallet knife / carving, this is very well done!

So gorgeous!!! The textures are amazing!! Love!!❤️ 💛🌺🌸🤗🥰🌼💐💞🌹💖👏👏👏🌼🌺

aww thank you for the kind tip Morkai!!!🥰🤗🌺🌹🌼🌸💖💛💞🙏🙏

Wow! - So Gorgeous Morkai - Feeling Fleurtastic :) 💐✨🤗

Thank you for the tip Morkai :) ❤️️🙏😊

This is wonderful!!! i am not even sure how to explain it, but this feels spiritual in a sense. that aside, I am extremely impressed. nicely done!!!

Thank you so much!

wow impressive


Wow. Brilliant

I love this! Very original, @MorkAIart