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DALL-E 36x


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my dog likes to bite things

a monthReply

❤️beautiful work

Thanks for the prompt!

🪙 1

Perfect and cute! Great ghosts around it! 👻



I adore the little ghosts. SO CUTE! 🥰 😊

🪙💰💸 10

adorable !

Very cute👏

Thank you for the tip🤗

So pretty and adorable! 😍💙🤍

Wow! Adorable glitterring eyes!

Fantastic eyes, filled with galaxies...


Totally awesome & 100% wonderful. 💓

Loveable cute kitten!

Beautiful as usual please continue to notify 💕🙏❤️

such expressive eyes!

Adorable omg ❤️

Haha, so cute! Nice touch with the little ghosts 😄

Very Cute. Your images are always awesome.

Squee friends furever


Cute lil ghosties and a sparkling adorable kitty 🐱🤍

i want the same !

Thank you for the tip (not necessary you're work is inspiring and helpful for improving my skills)

if cuteness was an animals ,cats surely will win.

i just wnna girl for fun throw me in the trash now

Adorable! Especially the eyes!💕

Incredible work, love this eyes!!!!!! <3

😍 Awwww! 🥰❤️

Love the tiny ghosts




OMG the ghosts!

Great idea!

Absolutely Adorable!!

Very sweet, Adan.

so adorable!

So fluffy! I want one


This is so sweet. The kitten looks confused but he has two friends beside him, he's confident because together they are strong.

Such an adorable ghost cat, with cute little ghostly friends! 🤍


Very cute and most adorabe eyes!

So adorable!

Such beautiful liquid eyes...just lovely Adansito.

omg the eyesssss 😍

So lovely! <3 And the tiny ghosts too!

So gorgeous, such a sweet face and love the sparkly eyes, great work as always

Great work !!!

Glad to see you back with us! ♥️


Those could stare forever

Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooo adorable 😊😊😊

Such expressive eyes!!

i like the little ghosts

Adorably cute kitten and the little ghosts 👻 😍

Thank you for the tip appreciated

Ohhh the eyeeeessss 🤩


Super cute ❤️


Awww so adorable

Ma che dolci le tue creazioni!

A very cute ghost story

🪙 1


Excellent work!

Joooli, bravo à toi

Muchas gracias por la propina 😊😊

Ooooh so beautiful ! 🤩

Encantador!! 💙 Gracias por ayudarme a ir aprendiendo a crear estas preciosas imagenes que haces!! 🙏❤️


Awesome 😍

is beautiful

Excellent, super, wonderful work

I love his eyes. And his friends 💕

Talking about cats👇👇

so cute that it bites through to the heart

Love this!

this cat is soo cute 👻

Thank you darling! ♥️💋

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The little ghosts tho😭😘

i love this! its so CUTE!!!!!!

The kitty's eyes are saying I'm sorry, those pesky little ghosties did it.

Amazing. I love the eyes

The sparkly Kitty is so adorable with those ghosts! Thank you for sharing the prompt!

Oh the beautiful blue eyes! 💙

cutest thing i've seen all day

I love this! Beautiful! <3

really beautiful kitten

Stunning creation 😻

OMG this is too good and cute. Those eyes and the little glow ghosts <3

I just want to squeeze this picture for ever 💙💙💙

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"A hyper-realistic digital artwork of an cute adorable ethereal ghost white cat, looking directly at the viewer with blue, expressive eyes. The fur of the cat is slightly dense and textured, with each hair finely detailed and shimmering with tiny sparks under a dimly lit night sky. Three small ghosts surrounding the cat, adding to the magical, serene atmosphere. The scene is set on a rough textured surface that resembles the wood. The color palette is dominated by shades of blue and grey, emphasizing a chilly, enchanting ambiance"





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