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CoherentShortMedium Res7.4x

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This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.

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"A beautifully strange photoillustration of impending Doom By Nadir Afonso, Clint Clearley, Albert Bierstadt, and Van Gogh"

Weight: 1

"Unreal Engine photorealism finalRender fantasy concept art 8k resolution sparks ink drawing Kinetic Pointillism"

Weight: 0.9

"deviantart trending on Artstation stock art digital illustration romanticism expressionism Ukiyo-e CGSociety"

Weight: 0.8

"Photorealism, lifelike, mechanical, fire, happy, shooting star"

Weight: 0.7

"scratches, paint flecks, noisy, dirty, unclear, Watermark, blur, blurry, cluttered, messy, diffuse"

Weight: -1

"blur, blurry, undeveloped, noisy, watermark, scratches, messy, paint flecks, dirty, unclear, too sharp, underexposed, too dark, bokeh, tilt shift, depth of field, black, Gray"

Weight: -1

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Anonymous User

NO not my house!!!

5 monthsReply

These prompts confuse me, wouldn't it make things all messed up? "scratches, paint flecks, noisy, dirty, unclear, Watermark, blur, blurry, cluttered, messy, diffuse" Any explanation on how that works?


The prompt weight for those is set at -1, which is what you set a prompt for things you don't want in your creation

Replying to: rufusdinosaur The prompt weight for those is...

You are an angel thank you, I never noticed the prompt weight

Replying to: rufusdinosaur The prompt weight for those is...

wow thanks, i never think it able use exclusion for generate them

You are truly a great artist

The hazards of teleporting an entire building.

I am new, but how in the world do you do this, is there a tutorial on this?

You can ask me any questions you have - please feel free to just jump into the comments on any of my pieces and ask anything you want; if I don't have the answer I'll go and find it.

I'm about to hit my thousandth follower likely today or tomorrow, and I tend to dive waaay too deep into exploring the minute details of whatever my current thing is that I'm into - a new video game, learning a new programming language, or making AI art in this case - so I do know what I'm talking about. Of course there's tons more to learn - these guys with their amazing front page art kinda blow my mind! And you should always ask questions of more than one person if you wish because then you know you're getting a low accurate picture of whatever diversity of opinions there is on whatever subject.

But yeah for whatever you wanna know about the topic and how it's done please kindly do ask me in comments on some work of mine or other and I'll get back to you within a couple hours. TTYS hopefully!

wow thts beautiful

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