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Re-creating the top liked creation of the site
Re-creating the top liked creation of the site

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3 months ago

Re-creating the top liked creation of the site

Created 3 months ago · 135 comments· 1684 likes

DALL·E 2Medium Res6x

Daily Challenge #22: No-Theme Thursday

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.

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Text Prompts

"a strawberry hand grenade exploding into red shrapnel, x-particle, octane render cinema, 4d 16k resolution, a highly intricate and hyperdetailed matte photography, cover art, long exposure, cel-shaded, character design, 3d shading, 3DEXCITE, award-winning, perfect"


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Anonymous User

gotta say, it looks better.

3 monthsReply

It looks to colourful and lacking emotion compared to the original, its a grenade for the sake of a grenade. Still looks good, though.


hayyyy it looks good

I was wondering when someone would do a remake of it

wow looks amazing! :)

This is gonna get a lot of likes, I bet.

Woah it almost looks as good as the original one

WOW !!! This is gorgeous and amazing !

Whats with these types of creations getting the most likes?

Replying to: Cypherz There just so good!



ikr, i was not expecting this creation making these numbers, i will be mad if this one becomes my top creation haha

This is a great idea and really good job on the results!

Now try making it with artistic - instant 10 times the difficulty

Great job! I attempted it too - and failed miserably :-)

All I am getting is a farting raspberry :-D. /creation/8JKDWxS1rirlNRxOq47P

Way better than the original.


How do you find the top liked items of the site?


wow, thats awesome! :o <3

Top of the day, wow adansito u truly are the best nightcafe creator (Im sure many people agree with me)

Fantastic depth, the explosion looks like a paint bomb.

If I had a Raspberry-PI this would probably happen after less than a month

raspberyy go boom✨ :D


Definitely better

It looks a lot better than the original

O nível de detalhes ficou fantástico. Parabéns.

it would be funny if this became the new top liked creation

I love everything about this.

If this were a song, you'd be tapping your foot.

I would buy this if it was in an art studio and was for sale.

duck, cover, and ROLLL! This is so awesome! I can totally see the similarities between this and top creation of all time. Had it not been posted on the day NightCafé went viral on Reddit, your creations would've surely been the top of all time. Keep up your amazing work!

I'd love to see this rendered in Blender and animated, super cool

Woah this is soooo cool!

congrats on the top DALL·E 2 'f all time


yoo this is a 1000 times better you can actually see it explode epic

thief running, abstract power, approaching perfection, powerful face, dynamic, moonlight, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, art by Carne Griffiths and Wadim Kashin

at first look reminded me of a pomegranate

still better than anything i could do

Beware your very own raspberry could explode at any moment… Lol looks great


this is pretty colorful. I think to make it look similar make it turn to dust, not juice, and use pastel colors, and also to use a different texture instead of paint. But it looks really good!!!

can i have this photo or is it copyrighted ?

Food fight much?

looks like a poma-greneade.

I love this! Totally following

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