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Escape from fate
Escape from fate
2 months ago

Escape from fate

Created 2 months ago · 8 comments· 0 likes

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2 monthsReply
Replying to: Finni Thank you! :)

Is there a story behind this image?


Thank you! :)

Replying to: Java Myths Is there a story behind this i...

Not directly, the series of images is based on a German proverb: "Dance on the volcano", which I really like because it contains many aspects: it can stand for both courage and recklessness, but also for being like that feels strong to be able to defy the forces of nature. There will be pictures that are called that because the dance can also be seen there. In some pictures (like this one) the dance doesn't come out and the people tend to walk - sometimes out of the picture frame. That's why I didn't give them the original name, but rather "Escape from fate", which I found to be a good metaphor - especially in the other pictures where the person leaves the picture frame. Not all of the pictures in the series have been published yet, there are still some where it can be seen better than in this one.

Thanks for the explanation!

Replying to: Java Myths Thanks for the explanation!

Beautiful image, wonderful capture of the "metaphor." I look forward to seeing more.

Courageous, defiant, strong... His stance - not quite in a walk, not quite in a skip - radiates with pride and defiant calm. His figure seems almost like the volcano: sometimes serene, sometimes threatening in its calm, sometimes exploding with feeling and daring.

Once again very poetically written, thank you very much! :) Once again you reveal one of the facets of the idiom's meaning. I am very happy that others can find meaning in this series of images too. :)

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