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fox on canvas
fox on canvas
a month ago

fox on canvas

Created a month ago Β· 164 commentsΒ· 0 likesΒ·πŸͺ™πŸ’°πŸ’Έ 17

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Use the code "ADANSITO" for a 15% discount off your NightCafe purchases. /pricing?fpr=adansito if you are reading this, reply with the fox emoji 🦊

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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Wow, the difference is astounding when it comes to details! Awesome creation!

a monthReply

thanks a lot for the tip, i'd appreciate it 🦊

Replying to: adansito thanks a lot for the tip, i'd...

Hey now it only cost 20 lmao

Awwww, such a sweet looking little fox

πŸͺ™ 1

cool .... and THANKS!!!

πŸͺ™ 1

Lovely eyes!🦊

πŸͺ™ 1

Adorable :)

Cute and great 😍😊❀ perfect work πŸ‘

Wow... nice strokes of the brushes.. An amazing creation~

πŸͺ™ 1

These textures! 😍

I love the upscaled details of this fox. Another beautiful creation πŸ₯° Thank you so much for the tips on my creationsπŸ₯°


Gorgeous creature in a gorgeous creation! The start image was pretty good too, but the new one has so much more detailed texture and brushstrokes! Just marvelous! I gotta try the Creative Upscaler too!

Thank you, adansito!

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πŸͺ™ 1


Thanks and thanks for the tip πŸ₯°

Beautiful creation and thank you.

That is so cute! It really looks like Van Gogh.

πŸͺ™ 1

Just beautiful.

πŸͺ™ 1

Thank you for the tip!

I simply love it!!!

This is beautiful. And thank you so much for the tip.

πŸͺ™ 1

Love the art style!! (And thank you for the tip on 'vintage technology' artwork. Sorry, I wasn't sure where to express my gratitude.)

πŸͺ™ 1

Awesome πŸ’―

So cute 🫢

Awesome composition!

Delizioso e tenero ;-)

Awesome looking, looks kind of whimsical doesn't he as if trying to say.. hey what,who me..aww shucks 🀣

Hey A as cuteness goes..thatbitvwell targeted at my heart..simply love it and the illustration style you have πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ™

Very kind of you to tip me A..πŸ™β€οΈπŸŒˆ

So, so precious!

A really great one Adansito! You are one of the best PROs on nightcafe. Congratulations πŸ‘ πŸ‘

lovely young fox. great creation.


Very cute

πŸͺ™ 1


Thank you for the tip

πŸͺ™ 1

Beautiful creation i love it πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Thankyou for the tip πŸ˜€

πŸͺ™ 1

Wonderful!! And thank you so much for your tip, appreciate it!

πŸͺ™ 1



Thank you! I had no idea that was even possible!

πŸͺ™ 1

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a stunning page of images!!!! superb compositions throughout!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 Thank you soo much for the tip on my Vintage Victorian Girl! Appreciated! 😊😊




Oh my goodness, what an adorable creature! 😍

The fur texture is amazing!

πŸͺ™ 1

beautiful creation πŸ₯°

Beautiful I love foxes

πŸͺ™ 1


I love this adorable little 🦊🦊🦊, super cute. 🦊🦊🦊

So adorable! So this is what upscaling can do for you - nice!

πŸͺ™ 1


@adansito please tell me. what is the secret to your success?

creating stuff people like, usually choosing from the popular tags from my inspirations :P

Muchas gracias por la propina 😊😊

Super cute☺️

thank you for the tip πŸ€—

Omggg 🀩🀩🀩🀩

πŸͺ™ 1

Incredible sweet πŸ’™πŸ¦Š


It's beautiful! Great textures in the upscaled version. So good 🦊

πŸͺ™ 1

This is beautiful, extremely cute!

Thank you very much for the tip!


Hello cutie πŸ’“

Excellent, wonderful, magical work


This is precious!

Omg his eyes!! Wow superb πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

πŸͺ™ 1

It's literally my childhood somehow


Incredible work! 🦊

πŸͺ™ 1
πŸͺ™ 1



Great style, wonderful creation

πŸͺ™ 1

Beautiful 😍

πŸͺ™ 1

woow verry nice

Magnificent, adansito! I like your fox creation. It has the look of innocence as well as starry eyed...πŸ‘ŒπŸ€©

Thxs, adansito! Where are all the FOX emoji coming fromβ“οΈπŸ€” Appreciate it... πŸͺ™ πŸ˜€

Awesome everything. I love the details and expressions! ❀️

Thank you for the tip. ❀️🫰 🦊🫰❀️

πŸͺ™ 1

Che carino!! πŸ₯° Home cute!!

This is amazing! How much (%) did you use to upscale this? You're an inspiration πŸ’«

Replying to: adansito 0%

What!! That's good to know :) I tried a couple of upscales with medium and high percentages and didn't love the results. I'll try with zero % changes. Thanks for the pro-tip!!

πŸͺ™ 1

Sooo cute! Love the style!

very kewl, :-)-I--<πŸ’š Thank You For Your Generosity ! πŸ’š>--I-(-:

Intriguingly Beautiful. Thank you for this visual treat!

This would be absolutely gorgeous on a denim jacket or totebag; I love your sweet fox!

Please like

Adansito, you are an amazing artist!

I just knew this was yours when I went to click on it! Gorgeous! the details are wonderful!

I saw an epic fox so i had to come by and drop a 🦊

I absolutely love this.

Adorable Fox, love the blue eyes.

Adorable ❀️


Wow!!! I love the amount of details here compared to the OG image!! You are indeed prodigy in this!!

beautiful, specially the eyes! can you share the prompt?

Absolutely Adorable!

The innocence in its eyes is so captivating! You've done a great job!

Thank you for the tip β™₯️β™₯️

Absolutely gorgeous πŸ¦ŠπŸ’™

Thankyou very much for the tip! πŸ™‚

Love this! πŸ’―

This is lovely, love the embroidery detail!

A scene of the hunters capturing the mother elephant, with the baby elephant looking on with sadness and fear

Thanks for your tip Adansito πŸ™ Your fox is wonderful πŸ‘

You really are unquestionably nice. Thank you once again!

This is SO lovely!!!!!!!

Awesome and breathtaking, I love his adorable cutie to bits. Fantastic details, texture and colors, and oh those eyes.

Adorable style, congrats πŸ‘

🦊 Adorable, Adansito! I love the foil crinkly stars too…

Beautiful depth and brush strokes enhancedπŸ‘πŸ˜»

Looks like I could reach out and touch him!

The texture is amazing

So cute, Thank you for the tip @adansito

I’ve missed some while sick. This is both adorable and beautiful. 🦊

So sweet, love it, beautiful eyes!

So adorable!! I love their cute little face and pretty blue eyes. I also love the matching background. Great color choices πŸ©΅πŸ¦ŠπŸ’™

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fox on canvas

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A closeup portrait of an adorable fox, with its eyes sparkling while looking at the viewer, set against the backdrop of the night sky textured canvas with gold stars painted on it. The painting style is detailed oil painting, blending realism with fantasy elements to create depth and texture. This composition creates a sense of wonder and enchantment



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