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a tornado destroying a steampunk city
a tornado destroying a steampunk city
4 months ago

a tornado destroying a steampunk city

Created 5 months ago Β· 25 commentsΒ· 990 likesΒ·πŸͺ™ 2

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"a beautifully and highly detailed painting of a tornado destroying a steampunk city"

Weight: 1

"a steampunk city being destroyed by a tornado"

Weight: 1

"romanticism art, in the style of Dan Mumford, Iwan Baan, Ivan Aivazovsky, Peter Gric, M.W. Kaluta, Cyril Rolando, David Friedrich, Shawn Coss, Martin Johnson Heade, Ted Wallace, Junji Ito, Lee Madgwick and Ferdinand Knab"

Weight: 1

"higly intricate, sophisticated and complex digital painting, kinetic pointillism style, concept art, hyperrealism, Cinema 4D, 8k resolution, 64 megapixels, CGSociety, ZBrushCentral, behance HD, hypermaximalist, a masterpiece, parallax"

Weight: 0.9

"polychromatic, colorful, glowing neon, deep colors, magic, black paper art"

Weight: 0.6

"cel-shaded, depth, particles"

Weight: 0.1

"Art of Illusion, Artrift, finalRender, Flickr, IMAX, Polycount, r/Art, shadow depth, Sketchfab, Sketchlab, Substance Designer, VRay, depth of field, subtractive lighting, panorama, 3DEXCITE, 3Delight, 3D shading"

Weight: 0.7

"too sharp, underexposed, vague, ambiguous, too dark, faces, hair, human, skin, eyes, people, bokeh, disordered, untidy, sloppy, nasty, filthy, blur, blurry, undeveloped, noisy, watermark, scratches, messy, paint flecks, dirty, unclear"

Weight: -1

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Anonymous User

The sence of motion is really good. Sometimes it's difficult to get a sense of action in scenes.

4 monthsReply
πŸͺ™ 1

crazy tornado :o

This is outstanding


This is something very awesome


woahh i really like this one, might have to try some tornado stuff lol


Wow amazing

So inspiring !! 😍

Amazing 🀩... Might have to β€œduplicate” this prompt recipe πŸ€”

Wow. THis is fantastic. Love the result


Another amazing piece of art...

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