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Tulips by @somniamea @nafri @toomanynates
Tulips by @somniamea @nafri @toomanynates

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Tulips by @somniamea @nafri @toomanynates

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@toomanynates made some gorgeous collaborative tulips /creation/9QB4oaSPSoJ9thJTk4h9 , and I had to try, I nudged up the weights on the prompts that came from me, and now they look completely different! So much fun! :D

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"@somniamea @nafri @toomanynates tulip"


"the shot of tulips made of stars, cosmos and magellanic clouds, Cedric Peyravernay, Ismail Inceoglu, Adolavar Etapna, fantasy art, concept art, Artgerm, dynamic lighting, splash art, triadic colors, photorealism, ultra quality, digital illustration, digital artwork, hyperdetailed digital painting, vibrant colors, unique composition"


"Tulip vector art, airbrush, a beautifully intricate and detailed tulip illustration, Beautiful Psychedelic Trippy Neon Intricate Detailed Elaborate, @somniamea"


"Tulip Art by Peter Max, Android Jones Fantasy Art, Intricate Detailed Elaborate Colorful Art, Fantasy tulip Concept Art, Beautiful, Art Nouveau, Digital Painting, Matte Painting, Hyperrealism, Trending On Artstation, unreal colors, floral, Joe Fenton and James Jean, @somniamea"


"metallic tulips Out of body experience: colorful ink flow: 8k resolution photorealistic masterpiece: by Aaron Horkey and Jeremy Mann: intricately detailed fluid gouache painting by Jean Baptiste Mongue: calligraphy: acrylic: watercolor art, professional photography, natural lighting, volumetric lighting maximalist photoillustration by marton bobzert: 8k resolution concept art intricately detailed, complex elegant, expansive, fantastical @toomanynates"


"hyperdetailed swirling clouds sun breathtaking tulip landscape by Android Jones and Julie Dillon; glass beads lace brocade ribbon gems/ depth of field/ quilted felting tapestry by textile artist "kees van dongen"/ by artist "arthur rackham"/ whimsical fairytale fantastical dreamlike/ 3d shading 3delight @inggriflam"


"beautifully colorful and intricately detailed mixed media tulip ink illustration by Josephine Wall and Mahmoud Farshchian; tulip field under cloudy sky, album cover art, 3d liquid art, subsurface scattering, octane, 16k, vivid, hyperrealism, @nafri"


"Woman, tiling, out of frame, cut off, draft, neo-impressionism, pop art, triadic colors, vibrant colors Candyland, Thomas Kinkade"


"artist name, watermark, lowres, text, too bright, error, minimalist, cropped, worst quality, low quality, signature, blur, blurry, bokeh, noisy, oversharpened, too dark, unclear, underexposed, undeveloped, simple, multiple people, man, woman"


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