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Let go
Let go
2 months ago

Let go

Created 2 months ago · 134 comments· 0 likes



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2 monthsReply

I know right @Mormookiee ! Christopher Exben is a absolute master of the video feature!




You are amazing @Manncy , you are a master of the video feature. Did you vote on my contest?

ooooh. This is dazzling!

Zo gaaf!!!!! Love it!!!

Amazing ♥️✨

excellent work ! if you fancy joining my challenge you'd be most welcome!

Ouaouh 👏🏼

Crazy good! A haunting image. Wait. Video!

😇🐰Well cool!🦆🐤🐰😇

This is an excellent image, amazing! :-)

Omg Chris incredible work

There’s a movie this reminds me of..with Michelle Pfeifer I think ..what lies beneath wow 🤩

I thought exactly that! With Harrison Ford.

Great movie btw



I love this!!!!

Beautiful & very nice technique with your creation.

This is freaky but in a very good way!!

Absolutely beautiful! Followed you!

Turned out so well! Amazing!

Incredible, I love it

Way to go, @Manncy!!! Amazing piece!

noooooooooooooooooo 🫢😿

Want to save her !! 💙

wow the animation on this one is perfect!!!

wow!! Just out of curiosity, with what tool did you create the image?

Lady in the water 🤯 crazy vibe ❣️😮

Would she be drowning or diving.

Alright, now make the movie based on this. You're almost there. Someone thought she drowned but she saw something she should not have seen and was given enormous power as a result. ... possible plot line.

This is morbid! She looks dead!

You are very creative...wonderful, my friend


She's stunning. The piece is all around magick. Well done!

That Is So Amazing... u got follower here 😃


Wow! This is stunning and awesome animation.

Beautiful. Is this like Amy Pond as Ophelia in Hamlet?

Great outcome... Did a similar one and it did not turn out well at all

This is great ....well done 👏🙂

I can't get enough of this one!

This remind me of Come Undone song from (Duran Duran) official Video

Awesome piece of art


This works really well

Wow 👌 👏 😍 👍 🥰 ☺️

Beautiful! 💕 💕 💕

Stunning, gorgeous, but also kind of creepy!

Great Creation!!!! Reminds Me Of The Video For The Song "Lydia" By Highly Suspect.

Holy cow! This is amazing!

Such an amazing effect

A wonderful effect, love this style

Incredibly well Done!


Bien jolie création

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Let go

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