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shadow God
shadow God
a year ago

shadow God

Created a year ago · 52 comments· 0 likes

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It's like a personification of some dark idea... Great!

a yearReply

I like it when we can't see the subjects' faces in this type of work. They're illusive and have oppressive presence

dark and impressive

I love it its amazing

🪙 1

Cool 😎

Sauron and the nazgul

I'd mess around and shine a flashlight at it to see what would happen.

I’m glad you went back to this the first one was really good and so is this one

Finally a worthy foe 😎

Amazing ! I love this atmosphere !

The aura to this is dark, and I love it

Wickeeed and dark 🖤

Thank you Sito! I appreciate the tip 🖤


love this

🪙 1

Very cool🖤

It has a really eerie beauty...kind of scared, lol

Sito! This is tremendous! Like a shadow puppeteer manipulating those smaller shadows.

Reminds me of The Fog. Great work!

I would name this "Tetherd". It looks like all the ghouls are tied down by something.


A creepy looking artwork

Really love this series, pretty awesome

this is what my anxiaty looks like

Someone please spam on one of my creations when he (or she) is at 50K followers. I don't want to miss that

Increible y escalofriante 😱

The scratchy charcoal texture here adds to the overall ghostliness of the idea 👻 I like I a lot:

rem inds me of a scene in a movie

reminds me of some type of asian horror movie style.. like!

looks like a first person view of walking straight towards cursed and twisted lands. like you could feel the weight of their violent souls

This came out great. Love the figures closest to the viewer.

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"an old painting of a sinister shadow people in the night, by Ismail Inceoglu, Zdzisław Beksiński, Gustave Doré, digital illustration, digital artwork, hyperdetailed digital painting, unique composition, masterpiece, photorealism, hypermaximalist, complex, award-winning, rusted painting, damaged painting"



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