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Quiet River
Quiet River
2 months ago

Quiet River

Created 2 months ago Β· 79 comments

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Last for the day, I hope you like it!

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Anonymous User

Looks good!

2 months agoReply

Thanks for the comment, Whitney!

Thanks for your comment!

I appreciate the thumbs up! Thank you!

Looks relaxing ❀️

Appreciate your comment!

I love IT, I need some of this PEACE today!

I think we could all use some! Thanks for your comment!

Thanks for the kind words Fashion!

Replying to: Bryan_Price Thanks for the kind words Fash...


indeed...give me a line and a pole! love it B!

Super appreciate your comment Shook!

Thanks for your comment!

Blue light is scattered in all directionsπŸ‘πŸ»

Thanks Magda, I appreciate your comment as always!

Really appreciate your comment, Smrtan!

Thank you very much!

Thank you for the comment!

I really appreciate the comment!

Thanks for your comment!

It is so peaceful and serene, amazing!

Thank you for the comment, Nylee!

I love the contrasting reflections in the water. I was just kayaking on a river similar to this where I could stare at the water and see the sky. Takes me right back there.

Hey, I really appreciate your comment! I love locations like this also!

I really appreciate your comments Martin!

Beautiful lush and green

I really appreciate the comment, Ladybug!

Thank you again for a comment, FuzzyBeast!

Thanks, Krishna, for the comment it is definitely appreciated!

I appreciate the comment!

Thankyou Scandinavian goddess for your comment!

I need to be in that place. So serene and peaceful πŸ’—

Thank you so much for your comment, Amellez!

Late at usual... but it's beautiful Bryan, very restful.

I really appreciate the comment Allysarach!

Your comment is greatly appreciated, thankyou!

Your images make me think of smells, a lot! That's funny. I never realized so many of my memories were wrapped in smells. I love it.

Thank you for your wonderful comment, SeaHag, it is greatly appreciated!

So peaceful, very realistic.

Thanks for your comment!

thats a great lake so it's perfect

I really appreciate your comment!


Thanks very much for the comment!

Thank you for the comment!

Replying to: Bryan_Price Thank you for the comment!

you're welcome :) I love your work :D

I appreciate your comment!

You should enhance it to heighten resolution! I explain how in the description of the linked creation. /creation/33ihu6NlYzEoAlxLLJmF

I will check it out, thanks for your comment!

Thanks for your comment!

I appreciate your comment!

Thank you for commenting!

looks like an actual painting.

I appreciate the wonderful comment!


Thanks for the comment!

Super appreciate the comment!

Wonderful ❀️

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