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the centurion fishes
the centurion fishes
22 days ago

the centurion fishes

Created 22 days ago · 23 comments· 606 likes

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"a fish tank filled with thunders and electricity, a highly intricate and hyperdetailed photography, DreamWorks, Laika, Remedios Varo, cover art, long exposure, stop motion, character design, 3d shading, 3DEXCITE, award-winning, perfect, mind-blowing, masterful"

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Anonymous User


22 daysReply

Those fish wear invisible protective suits

oh this is amazing :)

You have some truly amazing talent my friend

I want that! :o <3

Fab!!!!!!!!! xoxo

Sea Monkeys live in the house and they have lit the distress beacon due to the giant fish intruders.

Love this one :)

whoa! That is crazy cool. I love it!

Scientist: “So, we’ve managed to filter the water in a way that all the salt is concentrated in a cylinder in the center. As you can see, this means that we can send an electrical current through the water and the fish will be completely unaffected.

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