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Lapinator's guestbook
Lapinator's guestbook
a year ago

Lapinator's guestbook

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Hello fellow creator, I'm happy to meet you! While you're here, why don't you leave something in this guestbook in comment. Whatever you want really. Tell me who you are, how we met. Tell me what you like about my work or what you like to create... share your favorite creation even so we can talk about it. Let's discuss art, AI art, prompting craftmanship. Share a tip or ask for one, let's have crazy new ideas together! This place is mine but everyone's welcome to join, let's just sit back and enjoy the view!

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I really like how you are always innovating and experimenting with any kind of prompts and you also are sharing it to anyone who wants to learn how to use them as well, you are a great creator in this platform and you deserve to be the top creator in the site ♥️

a yearReply

Thank you so much Adansito for the praise. You've been one of the first creator I followed here and you're quite the experimentalist yourself, maybe (not in term of the subject, but you created some amazing style, you're the one that made me wwant to try Dall.e2 back when). As for the title of top creator, I think that might be a bit to much, there are so many amazing one's around :)


Wonderful guestbook, Lapinator! Hi, I'm Ann!

Hello Ann, happy to have you around!

Dreamlike guestbook for the follower of dreamlike creations!! Awesome work once again!!

Thank you so much Sir Heckerich for your kind words

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"WWLD" - Whenever I go into Coherent I think, "What would L4pinator do?" I've saved a few of your prompts and experiment with them liberally. I still struggle to get great results with Coherent, but I'm always aiming for the L4pinator look and feel. Anyways, thanks! 😁

Woah, that's a high praise, thanks a lot. Why don't you share one, or more here, I'd love to see what you come up with, and to be honnest I don't have much time to browse so I might have missed your work and that sadens me! And if you really want to know what Lapinator does, he first asks himself what would the coherent masters do (I'm talking QuietVolcano, Reisang, Tdraw,...), get inspired by their prompt, and get through the Library to use the artists I feel would best do the job. I'd then get the best starter I can and hope everything comes together. Oh, and I'll think way to many credits on each creation.

You've got some interesting ones already, I really love the Tokyo street one, I never really tried a city street but that makes me want to try...

Before SDXL, dall.e was the only one giving really good composition as per requested, and not a vague something resembling. And I always want the final result to match what I pictured in my mind. Now, XL is changing that. I admit SDXL creations have those kind of "standard" composition like midjourney, but if you know how to ask there's great result and more details than d.e, ideal for a low noise coherent evolution

Aaron - was lovely to discover you're creations here - TY for sharing them!

Replying to: Lapinator Woah, that's a high praise, th...

Here's my current Coherent collection:

I'll have to check out the other Coherent masters, I've been following Tdraw since he won the Haunted Places challenge. And thanks for the tip 😁. I'll have to go try another Coherent...

Replying to: Lapinator You've got some interesting on...

Thanks! 😁 I saw you had used Coherent to evolve SDXL creations as opposed to DALLEs, so I tried it. Generally Coherent seems to destroy faces and lettering, but you learn from mistakes, right? 😜

Replying to: Lapinator Before SDXL, dall.e was the on...

Thanks for the feedback 😁

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Your amazing creations quickly caught my attention. But it was your kindness and willingness to help others grow that really earned my admiration. Not to mention your dedication to the studies. You also have a sharp wit and a kind heart. 💗💗💗

Thank you Tracie for all those kind words, I'm just trying to repay this wonderful community what it gave me when I started

🪙💰 5

Why is my first instinct to set the guestbook on fire? I promise, I'll behave myself!

Well, I am not a wordy person so I'll keep it short: Thank you for being you, a great friend as well as a phenomenal ai artist who continuously pushes me to get better at this. You're probably one of the reasons why I am still on NC.

Artist 🪙💰 5

I'm glad my favorite arsonist is stopping by :) Thanks for those words and I could say the same, it's thanks to you and like minded people that I'm still here today and didn't get bored. From the very beginning your art has been an inspiration and I'm glad we could all better ourselves. I'm saddened not having as much time as I had before to casually browse and admire your art while having pleasant conversations, but know that you're deer to me (see what I did there ;p).

And as you wanted something on fire...

What a great idea! I’m Patra from Texas. You are a big inspiration for me and I’m always awed by you and your creative prompts. Thank you also for your willingness to help us new to AI!! I’m always excited to see what you’ll do next 🤗🤗❤️❤️

Hello Patra, thank you for stopping by! I feel like I've had your comments brightening my creations since like... forever. I'm glad you're still here and will do my best to keep things interesting.

Beautifully executed!

Thank you 🙏

This is beautiful.

Thank you 😊

Signing the guest book! Love how different this creation is!

Thank you so much, I always try to make things out of the ordinary, with some success and many failed attempts. I feel like you've been one of the most consistent follower, I'm always happy to see your coments, and I'm ashamed to having the time to browse yours as much as I'd like to. Thank you for always beeing here 😘

Replying to: Lapinator Thank you so much, I always tr...

Thank you for such kind words (and the tip). I really appreciate your willingness to take risk. Always fun to see your feed!


Replying to: Lapinator 😘

Thank you ♡❤️♡

🪙💰 5

Just wanted to chime in your studies are awesome. You're an integral part of the site, and I think the site is better for having you here. :)

Artist 🪙💰 5

Woah, thank you so much !!! And my coherent creation wouldn't be the same without you, seeing yours was what made me want to try, and I admit I'm still using part of your prompts and I aim to someday have your knowledge on it. Not to mention I love all your other creations. I still remember the day you mentioned me as an "underrated" NC artist in you spotlight, that made me so proud and forced me to keep trying more to be deserving of the praise. So thank you for that to.

Replying to: Lapinator Woah, thank you so much !!! An...

Aw, well I'm glad I can be of some inspiration to you, and you deserve all the praise. :) As for Coherent, I still use bits and pieces of other folks prompts from when I first began on the site 2 years ago, haha, I think that's the beauty of this community, we all help each other. :)

Hey Croman, nice to see you here! Your not the first to talk about those local SD but sadly I don't have the time or equipment to set this UP.

That would definitely require some inpainting as getting all those elements would be to much for the AI in one go. I would try getting a vast gothic room filled with aliens first, maybe with XL as it gets more flexible than the other SD in terms of composition, and dall.e, quite as good, don't handle well big settings, so rather keep it for characters or intimate scenes. If your scene can already include a big sphere that would help. Then comes the inpainting, and I'm still new to this, between the inpainting algos (that keep the style of the original a bit) and inpaint with 1.5 or 2.1 (that can have drastic effects. Might require a few trials

Here's a detailed example of inpainting work :

So, I tried getting both the aliens and the hall in the same picture but XL is having a hard time. So maybe you'll still have to start with D.e and the evolve in XL or 2.1 By adding some artists. Get a look at the library to see which might work with the style you want. Here are a few trials, I might add more if I got time :

🪙💰💸🤑 50
Replying to: Lapinator So, I tried getting both the a...

I'm not worried about getting credit, but definitely post here the final result, I want to see it.

Don't rush it and get better first for sure. Those kind of masterpiece take time and maybe you'll have to try other things that will give you the expertise you need to perfect it.

🪙 1

Hi! First off, this looks incredible for Coherent. 🙌 I find it fun to learn more and more about prompt structure and what produces the best results, so it’s cool to see these creations and to experiment from it. :) Thanks for all the work you put in! Really awesome creations.

Thanks a lot LA, happy to see you here

🪙 1

Hello! My first time commenting here. I'm trying some coherent stuff and wanted to get your opinion!

Considering they have no starter, you're doing an amazing job with coherent. That second one particularly is wonderful

Replying to: Lapinator Considering they have no start...


🪙 1

A guest book is a cool idea, your art looks amazing 🤩

Thank you so much 🙏

Replying to: Lapinator Thank you so much 🙏

Of course! Thanks for the tip, that's really kind ❤️

🪙 1

A worthy cause. I like the initiative so here I am. Hello @L4pinator

And I thank you for stopping by!


Popping by to sign your guest book, im Jay and followed you since day I joined 6 months ago, your prompts are incredible, hope to get my images to a similar standard one day, thank you for being awesome Jay

Thank's a lot Jay! I'm sure if you put in the effort you'll catch up with anyone in no time

🪙 1

Really beautiful!!!! Everything you do is magic.

Thanks so much Amina, I appreciate that


Hello, Kryptonix here. Started NC end of last year and was inspired by several artists to begin open prompts about four months ago and haven’t looked back. This has been a wonderful community and wanted to thank you for supporting open prompts. It has made AI generation more fun and interesting to see everyone’s unique approaches to create. I continue to follow and enjoy your works!

Thanks a lot Kryptonix. I've learn so much when I started thanks to people leaving there prompts open I've always felt it was the right thing to do. I'm happy you're on board :)

Replying to: Lapinator Thanks a lot Kryptonix. I've l...

TYSM for the tip!

Your prompts are among many that have helped me get my prompts to where I am currently. Thank you, and never stop being creative :)

Thank you so much. I feel like your comments have followed me since forever now, thank you for still being here :)

Replying to: Lapinator Thank you so much. I feel like...

You're welcome, and thanks for the tip ☺️

🪙💰 5

Hey Lapi! Don't mind me, just leaving a fashionably late comment. You were one of the first people I saw on nc that really made me think "wow, people can really create cool stuff using this ai art thing", and that was a huge part of why I'm still here creating. I've learnt so much from you since then, and you're constantly pushing the norm keeping things interesting. Keep being awesome rabbit GOAT. 🤘

Hello my friend!! I'm so glad you finally showed up :). If there's one person keeping me on my toes at every creation, having me wonder "How the actual f*ck did he get that, with what miracle prompt?", it's definitely you. If I was at some point an insight to you I admit you largely repaid it back. And yeah, thank you so much for entering in my crazy library project and deciding to keep an indefinite seat in it, I'm glad to have you here.

Hello again! I've come bearing gifts! I experimented more on Coherent stuff and wanted your opinion!! Here's the collection: /collection/pAKc9rwvfFEMkIR7OSuR

By the way, how are you?

Well, that's a lovely collection. There are some really great textures. Though I think you can still refine a bit the prompts. Don't be afraid to toss a whole bunch of artists in there. I'm following QuietVolcano's work on that, create set of artists in prompts that add distinctive features to your creation (check the library to find the similarities you're interested in), and play with the weight of each prompt depending on what you want as a final result

🪙 1

No words... Just... Great!

That's still 4 words though ! Thanks for stopping by :)

salut mon cher lapin. I stumbled upon your work on NC many moons ago as I saw your username referenced by many other creators since they like to use your carefully crafted prompts :) I appreciate the meticulous details you put into your work and the level of control you often have over the end result. I'm less scientific in my approach so I learn a lot from observing your process. I also enjoy the macabre/offbeat works you put out, when you allow yourself to go off the beaten path a bit.

xoxo - Laura Nadia... NI!

Bonjour Laura, dear knight, featured as I am in Monthy Python's grand piece :) It's a real pleasure to have you here and I really appreciate those words, even though I'm not so sure about the level of control I have... We're still talking about a dodgy AI that often does what it wants... I just experiment a lot, with many things, run my prompts many times with slight tweaks... and don't often publish. Maybe that's what gives this impression, but it's just me tayloring what I show my fellow creators :) And I should definitely go off the beaten path, I promise you as soon as I got more time I will create an amazing one for you ;)

🪙 1

You were one of the first creators I really liked and I learned a lot of artists and modifiers from you. I probably wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for you so thank you 🙏

Thank you so much old man, it means a lot coming from you! It's been a pleasure to see your outstanding growth in here.

Heya, what a fabulous idea! I found myself here after reading about you on the NC spotlight by Nana. Been with NC for 3 months now and love it, experimenting, having fun and learning. People are amazing, helping me out and I love the new mini challenges. Off to take a closer look at your amazing 🤩 art. 🙏 Thanks. GN

Hi GN, happy to see you here, and I'll thank Nana for her big shout out in her spotlight :). Have fun browsing

🪙💰 5

Thank you for your inspiration, skill, creativity, and everything you do for this community!

Thank you for stopping by, my pleasure really

My pleasure. Feel free to come back in here if you have any question :)

Replying to: Lapinator Thank you for stopping by, my...

You're welcome! And thank you for the tip! I would be giving you one, but I don't have a pro account. Maybe someday. In the meantime, I can offer you the prompt from this happy accident I discovered a while ago - /creation/oA28HdErPqR1Jl6uKgkf

That's indeed an interesting one, though Janusz Kamiński isn't trained as far as I've tried, as aren't many cinematographer, and the AI just sometimes picks some stereotype of their work, a shamed, it would give for some very interesting results

Replying to: Lapinator That's indeed an interesting o...

Yes, this was before I discovered that he and other cinematographers aren't in there. All his name ever gave me was a few specific faces. The use of "made out of tiny faces" also didn't give me what I was trying for, but I just love the texture it generates!

Generally speaking, if you want some unordinary composition, like a floating rock, or Say something made of tiny faces, only dall.e2 Can really handle it, so it's better to get a starter there and evolve it...

Replying to: Lapinator Generally speaking, if you wan...

Good to know! Thank you so much!

Replying to: Lapinator My pleasure. Feel free to come...

Thank you for the offer! I'm sure I'll take you up on it some time soon!

🪙 1

This is just Lovely, Really love the texture and lighting. I hope to see more of your art work in the future.

Well, there's already plenty to good, even if I don't publish much compared to what I create, but I try to give only the best... Thank you

🪙💰 5

Wow this is super detailed I absolutely love it. I love the style this was created in and the shade and light is amazing. Well done!

Thank you ☺️

thank you for the tip!! really wonderful

🪙💰 5

Amazing art and amazing ideas! I am a newby author and a newby here, starting to experiment with AI generated art for developing my characters, locations and scenes. I still have a lot to learn and it is always great to find such inspiring profiles. Keep it up! And thanks for sharing 😊

Thanks a lot, a pleasure to be of any help. You'll find studies, prompts and more pinned on my profile that can help, but mostly a listening ear if you've got any question I can answer. Most of my work recently, and the models I made were intended for illustrating my DMing sessions with, like you, characters and places, so if anything, just ask 😃

🪙💰 5

Beautiful image and a really lovely invitation to the othr creators 😊

Thank you, I feel like it's important to have this kind of place to have some small talk and get to know the other creators, even if so briefly

Replying to: Lapinator Thank you, I feel like it's im...

I tried to generate an image for the first time roughly a month ago 😅 only because I couldn't quite find the right stock photo for one of my covers, and I am really stunned how friendly and wonderful people are here. I am hooked now 😂 I absolutely admire your work, too.

🙏 just ask anything, i'll gladly help if i can

You are very nice 🫶

🪙 1

Once again great Work. Why am I not surprised, it is your wonderful self. Much RESPECT!!!

Thank you Jo, I appreciate that!

This is purely magnificent

Thank you, I'm glad you like it

Thank you 🙏


I started to follow you recently. I love your eye for all the details in your pictures. So here is my signature

Thanks a lot for stopping By!

Excellent ❤️

Thank you 🙏

🪙💰 5

Hiii, it’s me… Ria. 🤓 I love all of your pictures, they’re always unique, and you have a vast range of style. Your prompts are amazing, extremely versatile! 😍

Thank you so much Ria. I'm doing my best, glad you like them. I love your work too 😍

Replying to: Ria Hagane Oh, thank you so much!! Coming...

☺️ I don't know about mastery, I feel there's still so much to learn, so many new things to try. I'm just scraping the surface of what we can do here

Well, life is a journey and there’s always something new to learn ☺️… but I think you’re doing sooo much more than scraping the surface! 😂🤗❤️

Replying to: Lapinator Thank you so much Ria. I'm doi...

Oh, thank you so much!! Coming from a real master… I’m really honored 🥹❤️🙏🏻

🪙💰 5

What a cool idea for a creation and post! I hope you get loads of comments! ❤️

Thank you, that's really sweet of you 😊

Replying to: Hag 🤗

I insist 😏

🪙 1

Well, hi Lapinator. Here in your guestbook. I'm a cat creating pics of my fellows cats.

Woah, I know there were cat lovers, or even furry addicts, but I had no idea there were actual cats 😱. Happy to meet you then!

I like and browse more than I create a and came across your page a while ago. I spent hours liking your creations. Love your page and personality 😁👌

Also wondering what you think of my creations and if you'd like to evolve one to see what you do with it 😊

Thank you so much, your my opposite then, I spend the few time I have creating and don't have much left to browse... Thank you for stopping by :)

Replying to: Stealthlink https://creator.nightcafe.stud...

That one's really interesting though. Using Van Gogh in the prompt gave you a auto portrait, painted by him, and didn't keep much of the preset's prompt... And this one usually tends to be really strong and give every creation the same look. I'm not a fan of the preset to be honest, except for inspiration at first, but they tend to be recognisable and it's hard to get something that stands apart with them (except in cases like this)

Replying to: Lapinator That one's really interesting...

Thank you for the feedback 😎👌

My pleasure. Feel free to come back anytime if you want to ask anything really

What a imaginative and detailed prompt. Thanks for sharing your settings.

I honestly feel this was a bit overkill for this creation as I kept the noise at 0% and just wanted a slight coherent touch on the starter... I think a simpler one would have been enough :). But thanks for stopping by, and my pleasure for the open settings, always has been (nearly), always will be, that's how I learned and I want to keep sharing that.

🪙 1

I find your ideas brilliant, and the guestbook is no exception. It's the first one I've come across, and I'm signing it with great joy ❣

Thank you so much for your kind comment, though I stole the guestbook idea from Tdraw :


Hi, thanks for all your studies! also i won your start image contest once, you should do more of those 😅

I... you whose name feels wrong as your art is far from pathetic, I'm happy you find the studies useful. they're a bit of on a hiatus rn as I don't have much time, but I'll keep updating them doon. as for the "evolve this" contest I'd love to, but with the new explore system it's pretty hard to get visibility, and I often don't get enough to have a proper number of submission. I might try again if I find a way to make it work

🪙 1

I think I found your page through QuietVolcano, and have been amazed ever since. Your coherent creations are just stunning. I haven't tried out any of your prompts yet, but I always love looking over them. This piece is just fantastic as well, and I look forward to what else you create, and what I can get from coherent as well!

Thank you so much for those heartwarming words. I think I stole a lot from QV when it comes to coherent, so they shouldn't be to Bad 😅. And just feel free to have fun with my prompts Idea, they're left open so people Can get inspiration from them, as I got mine when I started, tweaking and mixing other people prompts.

🪙 1

Hi Lapinator! This is a really cool idea, to have a guestbook! That’s what I really love about your art. It’s so creative and unique! Thank you for sharing with everyone too! I’ve learned so much because of it

Thank you Xenia, nice of you to stop by, I appreciate it :)

🪙 1

Hi Lapinator, I'm Brad from Australia and I want to thank you for your great work and the fact you share your prompts. Besides your visually outstanding artwork, for me, you are also a teacher, and I am learning from you, thank you.

PS. Love the guestbook

Artist 🪙💰 5

Hello Brad! I'm french myself but had the chance to visit Australia some years ago and I had such a great time there. Thank you for you kind word and Mate, those creations are wicked! I absolutely love the Danala Rapids one, those trees are magnificent and the water texture looks like a long exposure photo. Really great work. If I helped just a tiny bit to create that I'm happy :)

Replying to: Lapinator Hello Brad! I'm french myself...

Thank you Lapinator, for the encouragement and the kind tip. I have never been to France but just recently I sent a Black Opal to a lady in Marseille. I also had the pleasure of drinking probably the best cognac in the world some time ago in a French restaurant in Asia. The owner, Jean Louis, gave me a nip of his French cognac that in today's value would be at least $5,000 a bottle. A person said to me, how can people pay so much money for a drink? My reply, if I won lotto I would buy 10 bottles. It was that good and I am not a spirit drinker. Thanks once again, and look forward to following your brilliant creations! 🍻

I feel like there's an interesting story behind this black opal. I'm not a spirit drinker myself, though I like a good whisky or rhum sometime. I'll admit that I tasted a remarkable Bundaberg one when I visited there, one of the exclusive rare creation they had, to bad they're not exporting to France. Never been a fan of Cognac but I know there are some amazing one :)

Replying to: Lapinator I feel like there's an interes...

Cognac has never been my cup of tea, but this stuff took me to another planet. Smooth as a dream, it was heavenly. His French cuisine is the most delicious I've ever tasted. You could say it was out of this world. An experience I will never forget. I dug this up for you. There is a Bundaberg distributor in Saverne. Check out this link ↗️

I'm pretty new, here on NC but soon spotted you as someone from whom I have much to learn. I quickly followed you and I'm now happily signing your guest book. Like De La Cabra and several others, you are one who convinced me that AI-assisted art does not have to be random and that prompt engineering is worthy to be called "engineering," which, for me means "the application of scientific principles to solve real world problems." You teach me that this art is a discipline, not a casino game. As a retired software engineer and a software architect, I appreciate that! I have only one more thing to say, "Be happy!"

Woah, thank you, that means a lot! I remember my first days in here, there were those creators I was spending ours browsing their creation, analysing their prompts and tinkering with them. As an engineer myself for more than 20 years now, I can't but agree with you on what you say. I've never considered myself an artist in any way, even before discovering AI art, but I've always been an avid craftsman who loves playing with different tools, understanding how to best use them. My studies were part of this process, like finding all the right tool bit for the most efficient result. Be happy too! :)

Replying to: Lapinator Woah, thank you, that means a...

Thanks for your kind reply, and tip!

Hello Lapinator! This is a wonderful idea 😊 I am relatively new to AI Art and to NC, but have really taken to creating and have been enjoying what others create. Work by artists like you is enormously helpful in so many ways - it shows us some of the possibilities and points us in new and interesting directions. I need more time to look through your work to pick a favorite to talk about - they are all so good! I'll be back!

Hello Locutus! Thank you, and I wish I had this idea myself but I stole it from another great artist here, Tdraw. On top of being the one who inspired this piec, he's also the one that started these artist studies. He did way more than me in bulks, I just picked my favorite, added mine and sorted them so they're nice and tidy in a spreadsheet :) But yes, I love working with artists, and I intent to keep them as the most important part of my prompts. They're not always the most efficient, but definitely that's how I'm having the most fun. And don't pick my favorite creation, show me yours so me can talk about it. And welcome!

Replying to: Lapinator Hello Locutus! Thank you, and...

Yes, I have spent quite a bit of time with TDraw's artist studies - so helpful. You made a spreadsheet? How did I not know this? I'd love to see it - is it on Discord? I have been working on my own list of public domain/deceased artists ( ↗️) - still just a beginning and I selected the artists somewhat haphazardly, but it has helped me learn a lot, too. My next project is to set up lists of artists by different categories/topics, something your spreadsheet probably already does very well. And then I want to really dive in to different prompts. That should keep me busy for a few years. The favorite creation of mine is definitely this one at this point:

- it is a fairly new creation so I may think differently about it later. I read the NC newsletter featuring your work and really enjoyed it, by the way! And finally, thank you for the tip 😊

I have 2 creations pinned on my profile, one is this guestbook, the other one has a link to the library 😉. It's far from complete though but if you want to contribute to it i'd be more than happy to let you in. Sorting the public domain artists and adding categories is definitely on the list. I'll be away for a week, but send me a mp on Discord if you're interested, I'll check it when I'm back 😊

Replying to: Lapinator I have 2 creations pinned on m...

Thanks - I will check it out now and contact you via Discord if I think I can help!

Hi Lapinator. Love your creativity. Thanks so much for sharing

Hello OneMich01, thank you for stopping by

Replying to: Lapinator Hello OneMich01, thank you for...

thanks for the tip

Super idée comme chez Tdraw ! Je suis resté loin de NC pendant un moment mais c'est joie de revenir et de découvrir tes créations ! Si jamais tu as envie de discuter, il y a un francophone qui a créé une chatroom. On échange pas mal de conseils. Voilà le lien:

Salut !! Et merci à toi de laisser passer un petit mot. J'ai vu que tes créations étaient toujours au top aussi 👌. J'ai pas beaucoup de temps en ce moment entre le boulot et le petit qui grandit, et je pars en vacances ce soir. Je vais me faire un petit break de NC aussi, je passerai faire un tour sur le chat au retour

Super. J'y passe un peu trop de temps dernièrement. Ce sera avec plaisir ! Bonne vacances !

I like what you have achieved. I'm closing my account. I don't achieve nice things like the ones I do in other AIs and that frustrates me. Keep up your work, it's going very well. ♥♥♥

Sad to see a fellow creator go, but I Can understand the frustration. Have fun !

Thank you 😌