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Slice of Life
Slice of Life
2 months ago

Slice of Life

Created 2 months ago · 366 comments· 0 likes·🪙 1

Crystal Clear XL

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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2 monthsReply

Thank you!


Cool idea and execution!

that looks like a piece of cake lol great imagination

Thank you! However It was anything but a piece of cake to make 😜

Replying to: Aetheria Thank you! However It was anyt...

holds a bucket of water ;)

Replying to: Here I am Once again holds a bucket of water ;)

…. I should make a sushi cake. :0


Wow that's cool, congratulations!

Congradulations @TalCherie on another incredible and popular creation!

Everyone ... please take the time to check out my pinned collection and please read the message below to understand what they are for! It would mean the world to me if this goal could be accomplished! Thank you!

This is a dedication to one of my friends who is NOT on NC but she just had her father pass away and he loved deer! She was hoping we could get this to 15 - 20 likes but I would really like to surprise her with 50 likes because her birthday is in a couple days so please help /support this creation! Remember to like and follow the following artists: @TalCherie @Mormookiee @adansito @Ana_13 @TheAnimalLover @Jazzygirl111

Replying to: ZenAmoreNC I got something like https://c...

Use a start image, it helps

Replying to: ZenAmoreNC Thanks for the tip. Did you us...

Yes I did 😆 I also tried it without, and the result was… unappetizing

Replying to: ZenAmoreNC I see. Thanks!

No problem! :) good luck and happy creating!

Replying to: Aetheria No problem! :) good luck and h...

Thanks! This is inspired by you:

Replying to: Aetheria [Deleted]


Replying to: Aetheria [Deleted]

And thank you very much! You’re always so sweet 🥰

you are so welcome! tis my pleasure 😌

Replying to: Aetheria [Deleted]

thanks for sharing - I tried - but it doesn't look anything like it -

Replying to: ZenAmoreNC thanks for sharing - I tried -...

I got something like

Replying to: Aetheria Use a start image, it helps

Thanks for the tip. Did you use one? Yours is simply amazing.

Simply stunning! 👀🎨🤌💕✨💯✨👏👏


Beautiful and astounding

Wow, fantastic art 💙

Thank you so much! :)

This is one of the most amazing things I seen! Brilliant!!!!


Very unique! Congratulations!

Thanks Matthew!!

Replying to: Aetheria Thanks Matthew!!

You're very welcome

congrats ! One Of My favoriets creation too

Beautiful! Congratulations! 😊⚘🥉

Congrats on 3rd, very unique

This is so beautifully done, congrats, following

Thank you Joy :D

Like always 🎀💓 Thank you so very much for joining this game and sharing masterpieces like this one with us!! 🫧💗✨ You are an amazing creator with beautiful mind, being able to create something as beautiful as this!! I am wishing everyone a good day and I hope to see you very soon again!! 💖💗🥰💞<3

Thank you so much! 🥰🥰🥰 I’m humbled

Amazing pic, Following!


Very creative, I love it!

Thank you! I’m glad 😃

Oh, une tarte à la... mer! Très joli mais ça doit être trop salé à mon goût 😆

Serait poissoneuse en plus j’imagine 🤭

Oui, a priori c'est le genre de nourriture à apprécier pour ses qualités esthétiques plutôt que culinaires 😄

Very good work, following!

Replying to: Aetheria Thank you!

Merci à vous, cette tarte est un régal... :-)

Merci d’apprécier ! ^^ mais je dis comme @RandomUser1234 qu’elle est probablement plus agréable visuellement que gustativement

De toute façon, difficile de la goûter autrement qu'avec les yeux. Mais déjà beaucoup!

this is f ing amazinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg

I love this so much, gz 😊😊🌹

Wow umwerfend, sehr sehr kreativ wow, i follow

Congrats!! I love this so much, always my no 1 when I see it 😉😊🌹😊

Aetheria my dear friend .. you are incredibly talented and you are putting it into good creations! 100/100! This is definetly in my top 10 favorite creations!! Love it soo much. Great job Aetheria and keep it up.

Aww Ana 🥰🥰🥰 I appreciate you so much! Thank you for the motivational comment! Luv ya 😘

Your very welcome Aeth! Luv ya too!

Replying to: Aetheria 🥰🥰🥰

I don´t get the same

😲 Claque visuelle 🤯👏

Such a neat idea, captivating!

omg, this is everything! so so good

Thank you Colin! :D i’m really happy with how this came out

elle est rudement salée. 💟

Un délice pour la vue, mais décevant en bouche 🤭

Masterpiece. So creative

This is so beautiful I love 💕 it

Wow tu déchires tout, bravo

Too pretty to eat. Fantastic job.

Too salty too haha. Thank you 🤣

That's so clever - what a great concept, and beautifully done too. Grats.

Thank you Beps! :D

Wow! Awesome work!

Replying to: Aetheria Thanks!

You're welcome:)

Wow one of the best 😍

Aw too kind 🥰 tysm!

This is really an absolutely incredible image! 😳

Fantastic concept and stunning results!

Thank you! Something I’ve wanted to create for awhile, but never could get quite right. I learned quite the lesson in perseverance 😆

Thanks Kimberly! :)


Thank you kindly Snow 😁 I appreciate your enthusiasm!

No problem! I'm very optimistic ppl tell me.

Replying to: Snow Thanks!

Keep it up 😂 the world needs more optimistic people

Thank you so much 😊

Gorgeous cake! Love it!

Hello everyone!

What a great challenge today...great works, many of us awarded more 5/5s than ever before. And our congratulations to the winners and participants, who numbered almost 150.

The quality was really very high. Situations are constantly changing, but our chatroom seems to be holding up well.

See you today at the usual time for another round!

Peace and Love,

Naturx & Doublecrash

🤗This is phenominal, incredibly creative work. Congratulations‼️👍

I sincerely love this I am So impressed by all of your artwork!

Looks beautiful💕but would no doubt be to salty to eat✌😉

And fishy hahaha 🤣 if you don’t mind. To each their own tastes

O this is one of my favorites so far most def!

Thank you Sky! :)

Just incredible, fantastic imagination and creativity. This should be on display or on a magazine cover.

Aw 🥰 I’m humbled. Thank you!

Hopefully it's not garnished by Exxon

So beautiful! you inspired me!

Ooooo thats really cool!! Well done