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You who came down from heaven. The light of dawn. Alice. You were a daughter of God...
You who came down from heaven. The light of dawn. Alice. You were a daughter of God...
2 months ago

You who came down from heaven. The light of dawn. Alice. You were a daughter of God...

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This work is perfect. I love the style and techniques you employed. I’m not sure how to verbalize my visceral response, there’s just a feeling inside leaving me inspired and wanting to live inside the painting. Unsure of what this vision represents to the artist, but the bittersweet wistfulness is familiar and beautiful like home, a home with ghosts that are bringing me to a better life with the serenity that beauty gives to this human heart and unties the scrambled tangle in yesterday’s mind clearing the way to let go and fly with our angelic faith in love returned more profound and intimate than ever… this is a snapshot of a lifetime spent with a love eternal that touched this life for too brief a memory but that is helping to bring heaven back to the heart and souls bound by blood and the irrepressible spirit of an angel chosen to make this a good story in the end teaching humility, compassion, gratitude and grace like a puzzle piece that transforms rain clouds into shining joy.

2 monthsReply

It’s early for me to come with the pretty words. This inspired my living not just my artistic sensibilities. This is the memory that we share of the one we are always looking for in our dreams. Thank you for sharing this. I am full of the bittersweet feeling that the angels who guide our hands to create have given us so we have the lessons they teach to bring the angels out of our flesh to illuminate the darkness and lifts us from the soul into stardust messengers giving back out of gratitude the gift of experience as a piece of art depicting our best memories teaching how we love and how we are loved bringing unity and wholeness where we thought such things would always be lost. You have given me something special and I am grateful for this expression of tenderness and powerful grace between artist and subject, my eyes are filled with tears that sing hallelujah like a bedtime song binding lovers together even when they are not here now, we are beautiful and complete. Cheers!


Tres belle

Tres bien !!!

Bellissima... un'opera d'arte!

So beautiful 💗💗

That Is So Amazing... u got follower here 😃, Please Check My Profile too

She is lovely. Is she based on an image or IRL person?

Absolutely stunning!



Go ask Alice, she'll know!

This is a masterpiece!

This series of portraits from MJ is amazing!

Fantastic 😀😀😀😀😀

C'est l'une de mes préférées. Elle est somptueuse. Bravo ♥️💫

So lovely and the execution is creative and fantastic! 🎨🏆


Stunning stunning stunning stunning ,did i not just say it,it is stunning

Lovely, lovely, lovely piece of art work. The look she has, the entire motif and the color composition, and the faded twist of the wings. It´s all so greatly done! You can be very proud of that work!

Very creative and well done, i love it

what style did you use

This style is wonderful, I really like it , the colors are perfect

Style meets beauty 💫 in absolute perfection 💖

Lovely image. She’s so pretty and the style does her justice.

stuff you could put on canvas on any wall and you''ll get a wow

This is a wonderful. Nice colors!

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