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cosmic jellyfish
cosmic jellyfish
16 days ago

cosmic jellyfish

Created 17 days ago · 33 comments· 687 likes

DALL·E 2Medium Res4x

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.

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"the shot of a neon cosmic jellyfish in space, cover art, CGSociety, ZBrushCentral, 64 megapixels, digital illustration, detailed background, 3d shading"

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Anonymous User

I really like the colors! Great work!

16 daysReply

You mind if I try out these modifiers?


i don't mind it at all, experiment with them 😌✨


I wish I were a jellyfish. Wouldn’t it be a great deal simpler without a brain?

Love the cosmic jellyfish. So cool pastel colors.

This would be an awesome hanging nightlight. It would softly glow with shifting colors. I want one.


Very cosmic, indeed, like starlight)



still killing it as always!

your art I mean lmao not the jelly

wow! absolutely love this one! 💙💜

Great! Love it! Such a cool concept!

Really like this, looks awesome!

These colors are amazing

Please comment on one of my arts. TY.

Beautiful! Exploding with vibrant color. It really pops against the dark background

Hi I just started Night Cafe Yesterday and it was pretty hectic! I made top of the hour three times and got like 150 credits! I did so much creation that now I’m down to 10 credits (sadly) any ideas on how to get more (without getting pro) If that’s an option. By the way, you have been one of my Night Cafe inspirations! Your artwork is just stunning!

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