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Chris' cats
Chris' cats
4 months ago

Chris' cats

Created 4 months ago · 278 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰💸 25

DALL-E 34x


inspired by @Manncy

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I wish that was true for all of us.... beautiful ❤️

4 monthsReply

Indeed. Let's share love on NightCafé and beyond!

It is true for all of us. You are loved.

It is true. There is someone who loves you whether you know it or not. ❤️❤️❤️


thank you for leaving a comment Artdoddler ❤️

Replying to: adansito thank you for leaving a commen...

Thank you for this wonderful message through such a beautiful image. ❤️

Sending hugs. Feel loved soon. 🤗💕😘

Très beaux chatons, belles couleurs, netteté parfaite

merci beaucoup ❤️

At least someone that loves me

the cats will always love you ❤️

I wish my creations felt the same way. Sometimes it feels like they aren't at all. Sometimes I pretend that they are though.

i hope you can get more visibility in the future so more users can appreciate your creations ❤️


And so are you two beauty´s ❤️❤️

hehe 🐈🐈❤️

And you are loved too, cats.

very true hehe 🐈 ❤️

thanks ❤️

🪙💰💸 10

Awwwww ❤️❤️❤️

thank you for inspiring me ❤️

gracias Veronica ❤️

Awww. So cute. 🖤🤍❤️

thank you ❤️

Awwww super duper cute 🥰🥺

thanks a lot ❤️

thank you so much ❤️

thank you ❤️

Replying to: adansito thank you ❤️

No you 😘

muchas gracias ❤️

Replying to: papanatas De nada.

Muchas gracias por la propina ☺☺

hehe cool 🐈 ❤️


How sweet!

thank you ❤️

Replying to: adansito thank you ❤️

Thank you for tip


Beautiful!!Thank you!🙏☺️

yw, i hope this creation gave you a smile ❤️

thank you Antony ❤️

awe!!! love this one.

thanks a lot Tami ❤️


thank you Nina ❤️

thank you so much ❤️

Great and lovely

thank you Trixi ❤️

thanks Maria ❤️

Replying to: adansito thanks Maria ❤️

Thanks a lot very kind Adansito

thank you ❤️

Oh that is so sweet! 😻

Sweet!!!!! ❤️🧡💛💚🩵💙💜🤎🩶🤍🖤

Omgggggggg 💜


thanks ❤️

Oh wie süß... 💕


fur balls of love 😻

hehehe ❤️❤️❤️

ohhhh 🫠 adorable ❤️👏

thank you Omri ❤️

Awwwww ❤️❤️❤️ 😉


What a cuties


Replying to: MortenLoth Thank you !

You welcome 🤗 thanks for the tip 🥰

Thanks again for the 🪙, Adansito! 😎👌🤩👍😁👌

thank you Alchemy ❤️

thanks a lot Daan ❤️



thanks Emy ❤️

Replying to: adansito thanks Emy ❤️

Tyvm for the tip, that's kind of you!


You too! Adorable! Beautiful message for everyone!💗

How sweet is this!! I wish this sentiment was true for everyone, especially young youth who don't feel like they matter to anyone..just a thought that struck me looking at this beautiful message 💔

I appreciate your credit, thanks!! 💗

So cute!! Who doesn't love kittens🤷

🪙 1

Aww, love these cuties 😻💙💙💙

Omg this is so cute!


ooo so cute


This is a lovely little message, thank you


so are you and your images

Omg, so cute ❤️‍🔥

Oh my Lord, this kittens are soooooo cute

Oh my gosh😘🥰 soooooo adorable 🥰

Awww this is another wonderful creation by you! So cute, so adorable 😻 I love it ❤️

Thank you so much for the tip! I really really appreciate it ❤️

I wish for you amazing. ❣️❤️⭐✨

Adorable ones 🥰

Beautiful picture, beautiful message

Aww sweet lil floofers 🖤🐱🤍

So adorable !!✨🤍

The feel good piece of the year!


Awwwww so cute

I want to pick them up and cuddle them! ❤️

well done adansito ! beautiful creation, in my favorites

so cute! cats are the best!

Love this, and good job on getting correct spelling in the image!

Thank you for the tip. Thank you, too, for the tip on my crystal bird image.

This means a lot !!

you too ... just sayin' ... 🥰

"And now time for noms" - My Kitty.

Love this ❤️


Hey you, yes, exactly you. Why is your creation so awesome again? No seriously, you come into my room often, post great things, so this is an appreciation message.

Thanks for being here every day, I might not always seem to be there, but I always see the works you guys put out. Many thanks for being in my favorite group of creators, putting up with the silliness in chats, making all the memes, taking your time to rank and delivering the works you spend a lot of time on. So thanks. Now excuse me, I'm going to cut it short before it gets too sweet. See you tomorrow!


You too!^^

This would make a great poster.

Awww, so are you my friend! 🥰🤍🖤 cuddles 🤗

no I'm not😢 jk cute

Beautiful .CUTE. 💖💖💖Glad You ARE !! (wish I were)

This is so sweet! 💗

Awwwwwwwwwww! This is amazing! Just made my day❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Just adorable 💚

So many thanks to you, Adansito ! ❣️

Oh the 2 of you are loved too! Beautiful!

What a great Idea with two cutest kitten so amazing with so lovely words. 🥰

Absolutely adorable 👌

This just tells me that I need more cute in my life. 😜

Melts my heart, the purity and innocence captured is wonderful

Aww, so cute!! And so true for everyone!! We all need that reminder now and then!💖

Darling little babies. Good job.

Aww, cute overloaded again 😉

Awwwwww you are as well!!

super cute