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SDXL 1.0

Inspired by @Sheyma

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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17 daysReply

I don't remember if I offer you cucumber salad with vinegar🤣🤣


Congratulations! Great creation!


congrats ! beautiful creation

Great, congrats!

This picture speaks so much.. Lovely one

This is dark, and yet ethereal at the same time

I think the same about the state of the World... But Indeed, great creation 👍🏼

love it, very expressive great job

He looks made of wood, and metal, and ice. That's a beautiful glow he has too. Sad, and divine.

He's thinking "why tf am i here?"

Magnificent splendid artwork!


beautiful! 😄

Congrats, realistic

Emotional. Excellent idea 🤠

Разум и задумка мышление есть сияние

Wow, such a great creation! 😄

The most understandable capture!

Dark but so moving

Heartbreaking 💔❤️

Stunning 👏

A great depiction of sadness

Absolutely amazing. I'm following hope you follow back 🫣

Deep and intense creation!

Emotional and magnificent

Excellent, amazing, wonderful work

Great pic. Very emotional 🖤

Amazing!!! 💖💗🥰💞

THis is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very detailed glitter effects the face palm of disappointment.

Difficult thoughts...


hidden promt? thanks, - disslike

There must be a more polite way to ask for the prompt.

“Never ask for anything! Never and nothing, and especially among those who are stronger than you.” Michael Bulgakov

Then why dislike. If don't ask anything look and pass, you don't have to like it but you don't have to write dislike. It doesn't make a sense

So that people can see that the community expects an improvement in the overall level of generation and the contribution of outstanding authors to the education of the masses.

That's what I'm saying, then you have exactly what you expect. So your article above saying don't ask anyone for anything is meaningless. If you have an expectation, you can express it more politely.

Undoubtedly. It makes no sense to submit petitions to an established author, which is why my message is addressed to the community. It should be seen that hidden limited cognition can cause an appropriate response.

That is amazing 🖤🖤🖤

He looks so defeated 😔 I can relate..great work!

The expression says it all! Awesome!

That's quite incredible - following

Look at how well liked this is. And @sheyma is their anyone yo do not inspire?

Ouch, the feelings and the beauty of your art... love it !


Wow this is incredible 👏

A really cool one! Strong!

This is brilliant ✨💫✨

Woow, amazing🤩

In deep despair!

Merveilleux ❤️

nice stuff Chris, seems we be on the same page a bit re creations, thanks for the follow, repaid ...

inspiring creations

This is Extremely Beautiful! Great Job

I ❤️it! Following

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