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3 months ago


Created 3 months ago 65 comments 905 likes馃獧 2

DALL路E 2Medium Res4x

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.

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"the shot of a psychedelic prism inside of a cube glass, CGSociety, ZBrushCentral, digital illustration, space background, 3d shading, fantasy art"


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Anonymous User

"The Cube of the Thousand Colors"

3 monthsReply

Every square micrometer is filled with colors! Some of these colors can't be seen with our eyes, so it looks as if most of the cube is a darkish blue color.

OHHH PRETTY!!!! Took a screenshot so I never forget this...I want a cube like that

make it your profile pic somewhere!

I want that on my desktop :O

so pretty!!!!!!

馃獧 1


馃獧 1

Prism box 馃槸

I like it (I鈥檓 new)

馃獧 1

This looks like glass art cubes by Hefe


So beautiful!! 馃馃寛

Beautiful! So reflective and colorful!

thats amazing!!!

No way you just tipped everyone in the comments, what a chad!

Amazing ! I love the colors and details !

馃獧 1
馃獧 1

Wow so pretty l!

馃獧 1

That's insane

Work of art!

That鈥檚 amazing!

Thank you, how generous! 馃挍

Wow! I love this! So colorful! DALL.E never wants to make me a good picture when i have a good prompt.

If that was a ribix cube you would be a millionaire within moments


@adanisto your artwork is amazing, I love the theme and everything keep it up :)

Cube of glass, colors, cosmic: it has everything to make me love it.

coolest thing ever, so cool!

Woah, I love the colors! :O

Question - what does upscaling a medium resolution artwork do, in this case? Upscaling the maximum size for a Dall-E 2 creation feels pretty meaningless to me.


well, normally a DALLE picture is always blurred and when i added the upscaling, it got mote polished in some way

Replying to: adansito well, normally a DALLE picture...

Huh, interesting. Normally, my creations just become really grainy. By the way, I released a few new artworks that you may enjoy. I don't know why I'm advertising myself here XD.

I want to make art like that in real life.

wow this is just stunning

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