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Into the night
Into the night
a month ago

Into the night

Created a month ago · 170 comments· 0 likes·🪙 2



Inspired by @Missy12 check her Art

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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Okay , this one might be my favorite of all of them!!! But you are making it hard to choose 😍🫠🫶🏻

a monthReply


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Hey Chris, don't sweat the haters. Some people's brains are just wired for negativity. Keep doing what you love and ignore the toxic vibes, my friend.

This reminds me this beautiful song from the masterpiece Twin Peaks

What a stunning beautiful mess. Funny how that can be visually appealing. Fantastic beauty!!!! ❤️ 💙 💜 💖 💗

Thank you for the tip


Thank you for the tip, Christopher! 😎👍😍👍🤩👍

🪙 1

Belle série!

Awesome creation, Christopher Exben @Manncy

Très belle image, j'aime beaucoup.

Beautiful. I know the feeling 💔


i mean i have no words for this but my head keep looking like wow.i mean stunning thrilling ,everything


I love your style, can you share some of your secrets? 😉

Oil painting, impresionism, cubism

I love the grainy look!

i want the best outcomes for her - feeling.

Bello! Lo stile è pazzesco, mi piace tantissimo 👍🏻

Great creation!

Awesome! Love all the sgraffito! 🖤

Very effective creation, telegraphing melancholy and sadness.

Wow again, amazing pic 🖤

Bien triste avec de beaux yeux

Wow this is awesome!

Excellent, super, wonderful work

Tant d'engouement pour ça... Par rapport à des visuels que j'ai créé, je trouve ça complètement basique et NUL ! Pour moi c'est zéro!

Et sache que ton jugement de gamin de 5 ans tout le monde s’en fou 😂

Pour moi faut le supprimer! Tout les artistes peuvent sortir un truc aussi basic!

Fantastique 🙌

mooie creatie ik hou ervan 👌

Great texture

This could be a Smith's or Manic Street Preacher's album cover. Just mind-blown-AF-and-needing-to-up-my-game. Love it.

can you donate or tip credit to me pls? :) I have not that much 😞

Replying to: Christopher Exben I give you one, but better to...


I give you one, but better to not ask tips like that, have fun creating ))

Great creation...well done

Wow! So amazing

Wow this is absolutely wonderful. How do you get so much detail in the photo? Do you upload something? My ai artwork doesnt give this much detail

Extraordinary portrait, reaches deep. Love it

This may also be one of my all time favourites.

Очень креативно

Truly, awesome work!

Great work....stunning!

I like the darkness of this portrait.

Tristesse joliment exprimée, bravo l'Artiste

such a great portrait!

Love the scratchpad effect!

Very striking

Awesome creation!

Another winsome beauty with a past!

🪙 1

Wow :) ❤️🖤❤️‍🔥❣️

Another great piece, very cool...✨️

Stunning Chris, saw this on my Instagram feed last night - great style, love the texture x

Incredible intense sadness enhanced by the modern painting brush strokes 👍

I don't understand if is not made by NightCafe why is here. Anyway I like it.


Hauntingly beautiful

It’s truly great work. I would have that on my wall. I’m an artist myself and use AI for inspiration rather than creation. Some aspects of the AI images I have created are finding their way into mixed media collage work and this is the kind of style I appreciate.

Oh mon, c'est si beau et complexe 😍😍😍

Me gusta, muy bueno!!!

Oh Lord. My God...💕

Oh Lord. My God...💕

Unique style! Your creation is amazing! ⭐⭐⭐

This is emotional and beautiful; reminds me a little bit of some portraits I have seen done by Andrew C. Stewart. I love this!!

🪙 1

This is incredible...very sad your taking a break though!!

Great masterpieces! Let's help each other, put Likes on the pictures - ok

Christopher, don't let the ignorance of others get the best of you. Remember the quote "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

I meant to say more - personally I love this creation for several reasons. Her eyes actually remind me of those paintings that were popular decades ago with the big sad eyes, but the modernism of the scratch technique and her clothing and overall appearance makes me feel that she has two sides - one, the face others see that is put together, and the rest that feels scattered and undefined to her. It's not hard to think about the meaning in art and leave insightful comments. Like everything, if a person doesn't like something, they can just move on. I hope to see more of your work.

You have right i feel the same like you. And sorry for what happend to you. Follow me on IG i will give you the love for your creation. Iam allways there and no mire here.

Certainly a very evocative image. NC bias is all plastic bunk that has nothing to do with artfulness, but there are people who do have a sense of esthetics. Me, I like to mess with the AI for fun, but certainly sometimes for truly artistic purposes. Just do your own thing and ignore those that don't contribute to your well being 👌😺

I'm gonna be honest here - how did you get over 3k likes on this? It's a visual nightmare.

Yeah bro keep pumping

It's nice and all, but I'd prefer to know how it was done. I can look at pretty pictures anywhere. I'm here to learn.

Replying to: Christopher Exben My prompt it’s not one word so...

My intention was not to offend. I was merely replying to another creators comment. You do exceptional work, and are a source for inspiration. I never claimed you had a one word prompt, wasn't assuming that at all.

It was done using Midjourney. Midjourney can take a single word, like an emotion, and it will create dozens of images just like this. I call this emotion art. been messing with it for a while. Here's one I made using Midjourney with a prompt of "The Loneliest"and this is one the images it made:

Thanks for responding. You'd be surprised how many people won't.

Replying to: Battlinjack Thanks for responding. You'd b...

I know! It's frustrating when a creator as popular as this one won't reach out to their fans with a little help and encouragement. If someone asks me for advice on one of my works because they want to learn, I help in any way I can. I thought that was the NC way.

My prompt it’s not one word sorry bro. Don’t be mad it’s bad for healthcare

I help a lot of people here, on chats, on instgram, on facebook, lora etc you are ridiculous mate and juste the representation of the frustration

Replying to: Christopher Exben I help a lot of people here, o...

I thought I was helping that person who sounded frustrated in their comment. Didn't realize it would upset you so much. My deepest apologies.

C'est une blague?

Faut consulter c'est urgent

Et toi à mon avis t’es passé par ce chat dit FR ultra cancer

You always make so awesome art that i would want it hanging at home

i like you other arts more, this is not taking me!

Love all the special effect you create. The crackled effect just sets this off.

wow......really digging on how the light bounces off her heterochromia eyes, hair and hair blur as well. has a look like it's painted on old laminated wood as well. another incredible piece good sir

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