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Morning coffee
Morning coffee
2 months ago

Morning coffee

Created 2 months ago · 240 comments· 0 likes


This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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Special thanks to all the beautiful artists in the daily challenge hosted by @naturx , @Sheyma , and @Doublecrash . Sending you all love ❤

2 monthsReply

Congratulations. A well deserved 1st

Thanks so much Nikko! ❤

Thanks so much! 🥰

Wonderful work, congrats! ✨

Thanks Vilanelle! 😊

This is beautiful!

Thanks eau! 😊🥰

Beautiful and fun! Congrats!

Thanks so much! ❤❤

This was my absolute favourite today!!! ❤️❤️ So happy to see it won!

Thanks so much Elenriel!! I apprecite it ❤🥰

Congratulations,great image👍

Thanks so much! 😊

Replying to: flyingcomet Thanks so much! 😊


Lovely, congrats

Great image 👍 Congrats

Thank you Drivers 😊

Exactly how I look before my first coffee, love it. Super well done, congrats!

haha! Thanks dreamowl! ❤

Thanks so much! 🥰

congrats, a nice creation

This is so well done and cozy, i wanna be that cute little frog in the morning! 😍

same! 😄 thanks Dusan! 😊

I really loved this one! Congratulations!

Thanks so much! 😊

This could be a real artwork fr!

Thank you so much!! ❤😊

Delightful! Congrats! ❤️

Thank you!! ❤🥰

This is wonderful! You've been doing so well in these challenges; so happy for you! 😍 Congratulations! 🏆🎉🥳

Thanks so much Klaorman! ❤❤

very funny and nice!

Thanks Denise! 😊

Thank you! 😄💖

I love this! Contemplative Monday morning frog. I love its brilliant colors and originality.

Thanks so much! so happy that you like it 🥰

One of my personal favorites and very few 5's given. Excellent creation! Congratulations!

Thanks so much Matthew!! I really appreciate the support 💖

Replying to: flyingcomet Thanks so much Matthew!! I rea...

You're very welcome!

🎵"Why are there so many, songs about coffee..." 🎶

Thank you! 💖💖

Frog+Coffee+sunset+ nice execution : perfection. Congrats !!!

Thanks so much CMK! 🥰🥰

So amazing - great art work

Thanks so much 😊

Thanks Jennifer 😊

I love it! 🥰💚 #peeposit

Thanks so much Hirai 🥰🥰

Thanks Alchemy! 😊

Thanks Dee! I followed back

Love this, great work

congrats ! beautiful creation, well done

Thanks Fredex! 💖

Very cute and beautifully done

A very nice froggy 🐸🙂

Thanks Mareana! 🥰

Congrats! Love this one

Stunning, great image and colors 🤩🤩 following

Thanks so much! I followed back 😊

Replying to: flyingcomet Thanks so much! I followed bac...

Thank you so much I appreciate it 😊🙏

Hello everyone!

Another beautiful challenge took place yesterday, and our congratulations to the winners are very heartfelt!

We had over 160 entries today and all were of the highest quality.

The chat was fun and inspiring as always, and we look forward to the next one.

Same time as always, then!

Peace and Love,

Naturx & Sheyma (and yes, Doublecrash too!)

That caught my eye immediately, beautiful creation. I followed 💖

Thanks so much! I followed back 😊

This is so adorable

Oh Coffee!!! (yes, Everyday)

Love it! Creative, imaginative and whimsical. Great work!

Thanks so much 😊

THis is sweet. I hear Rainbow Connection in the background

Thank you for providing the soundtrack 😄💖💖

Funny frog 😀. J'adore

Replying to: flyingcomet Merci Izno! 😊

De rien 😉

Well done, looks so relaxing 😌

Thanks so much! 😊

Congratulations... Lovely♥

he looks so wise for some reason ha

Great work, congrats!

Thanks so much 😊

My kind of before anything. Lovely lighting.

Thanks so much DC! ❤

Nice one. I'd like a pot, too 😉

Thanks Bubble! 😊

Morning croak-ee you mean 😆

Lovely zen like frog

wow, what a great style

Thanks so much Nova!😊

One of my favourites! Amazing work.

So peaceful 🐸💜

I'm sure a lot of us feel like that frog in the morning.

Ha! Love this. Well done.

Yesss I loved it and voted high 😻👏🏻💙 congratulations very well deserved 🎉🥰💜🌸

Thanks so much 😊💖💖

Thanks so much 😊


This really Cool I am Really Impressed!

Thanks so much 😊

me like much 💜😊

Excellent, magical, wonderful work

Thanks so much 😊

Thanks! followed you back 😊

Thanks Sinagann! 😊

This image just oozes coziness.