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<lora:wrath:1.0><lora:eyegodxqz:1.0><lora:paragon:1.0>Imagine a place where time slows down, and you can have a peaceful...
<lora:wrath:1.0><lora:eyegodxqz:1.0><lora:paragon:1.0>Imagine a place where time slows down, and you can have a peaceful...
2 months ago

<lora:wrath:1.0><lora:eyegodxqz:1.0><lora:paragon:1.0>Imagine a place where time slows down, and you can have a peaceful conversation with y...

Created 2 months ago · 80 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰💸 10

SDXL 1.0 + 3 addons

Daily Challenge #543:Masterpiece Monday

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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This is beautiful!

2 monthsReply



Beautiful models. Lovely to see them in development. 😀

Wow, this is nuts. Love it

Exquisitely Awesome 😄

Utterly amazing..

Thanks a lot for support 💙💙💙

nice.. I was interested

Excellent, amazing, magical, wonderful work

nice.. I was interested

An amazing creation!!

Very nice...great work!

So beautiful! 💙

Agreed. This is beautiful!!

Juste magnifique ! J'aime tellement. Que du plaisir pour les yeux. Comme à chaque fois 😊

Very beautifull work

Beautiful 😍 🤩 😊 😍 Happy Valentines Day 💝

this is so cool

Stunning 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Absolutely stunning. Love the color mix.

Really stunning!

WoW! absolutely stunning

Stunning! this would be a great creation for this challenge:

Amazing colors!

I could stare at this for a long time and always find something new to admire. Great work

Glass universe!



This picture seems to express my owm unniverse in my imagination with the world of creation and the magic additionally

Wonderful, dreamlike and elegant!


This is a terrific image! Wow! 😄

Very nice! Following...

In a realm where Christopher weaves his art, "Imagine a place where time slows down" emerges as a tale not just seen but felt. Here, each stroke tells a story, each color sings a verse of slowing time, inviting us to dwell in a moment forever stretched. A narrative captured so brilliantly, it becomes a beacon for the soul's yearning for peace. Marvelous, indeed! ;-)

This really Cool I am Really Impressed!

WOW! ! ! ! hey! i have a game going on now, if you want to join! 😄

Congratulations! 🎉

Congrats, absolutely amazing and beautiful

Very beautiful, congratulations 🥰🥳🥳🥳

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SDXL 1.0

SDXL 1.0

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Christopher Exben
Christopher Exben

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