the devil's den
a month ago

the devil's den

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not very devil-ish from your part, Lucy 🤧💀

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"the devil's den, by Zdzisław Beksiński, Gustave Doré and Greg Rutkowski" - weight: 1

"a broadly view of the devil's den" - weight: 1

"Hyper detailed digital matte painting, concept art, hyperrealism, 16k resolution, Cinema 4D, 8k resolution, bokeh, hypermaximalist, CGSociety, ZBrush Central, behance HD, a masterpiece" - weight: 0.9

"particles, cel-shaded" - weight: 0.1

"film noir, neon, mist, colourful, beautiful" - weight: 0.4

"horror, creepy, unsettling, dark, disturbing, mysterious, strange, odd, weird, sinister, ominous, by Stephan Martiniere and Alexander Fedosav" - weight: 0.8

"by David A. Hardy, Victor Moscoso, Bill Melendez, Johannes Voss, Anna Mill" - weight: 0.2

"blur, blurry, undeveloped" - weight: -1

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Anonymous User

Wow, that looks cool.

a month agoReply

thank you hehe !! 🖤✨

Replying to: adansito thank you hehe !! 🖤✨

How does start image work? Does it just create a image in the same areas as things in that image like a overlay of sorts?

yeah, something like that, is like the "base" the AI is gonna take, also depending of the "Overall Prompt Weight" (if its on 0.1-0.5) the image will be more and more similar to the start image

Replying to: adansito yeah, something like that, is...

Ok thanks, I've only mixed around with different weights of different prompts so that definitely helps me for some of my later ideas.

Thank you for the notes - this opens a whole new world for me.

This is pretty awesome!

🤖 NightCafe

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