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Distracted in class
Distracted in class
4 months ago

Distracted in class

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Sometimes it can be hard to focus on the task at hand in class. Distractions are bound to happen at Hogwarts.

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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Indeed it can be ...Love the title and the design!

4 monthsReply

Thank you! ☺️

Who knows who and how many sit back there? Hogwarts is, after all, full of mysteries and secrets! 😉

the guy in the very back isn't fussed

Both? Haha I'm seeing at least 3 looking the same direction and that's only how many we see on camera

I was basically that kid hahaha

Some kind of fuss started up, I buried myself deep in whatever book or paper was in front of me

Or maybe he is, but good at hiding it?

Or perhaps he's doodling and oblivious to everything?

Who knows! 😆


Lovely 🌹 following 👍🏼

Aww, thanks! ☺️

Aww, thank you! 😄

Nice job! Love this. I'm following you to see more and will visit your gallery. ❤️

Thank you, I appreciate it. ☺️

oooo is she- blushing at the red hair kid?

Well now, that's the question, isn't it? 😄

Thank you! ☺️

🪙 1

The look that could make most wands grow. There's so many great expressions in this image it's insane! 😂 Dude to the left is like "is she giving the.. Ahh yes she's giving the look you lucky guy" and guy on the right isn't even sure she'd ever looked at him at all. And I can't tell for sure but I think guy in the far back is crying 😬 great image! 👍😁

Haha thanks man 😄👍 I was uncertain first since I haven't seen your page before but my jokes and comments usually (8.5 out of 10 times) hit very well! It makes me happy when they're appreciated 🥲🥰 will be looking forward to your stuff

Gal, but it's okay. 😄 I like that you commented on the guy in the back, ha!

🪙 1

My likes for this wonderful creation keep disappearing ???

I'm having trouble finding comments sometimes! Maybe it's taxing the system? 🤔 But thank you for your thoughts and comment! ☺️

One of my top 10 WBO! Great work.

Replying to: With Big Ones Heh, thanks... I have too man...

Took me back to my high school days. Yes, we had schools back then. When we weren't being chased by dinosaurs 😁

Heh, thanks... I have too many of these... 🫣

Replying to: MatthewC Took me back to my high school...

Oooh, fascinating. Who had the right of way then? 🤔 Silly. 😆

Glad I could take on a trip down memory lane then -- if it was a good one, any way. ☺️

Replying to: With Big Ones Oooh, fascinating. Who had th...

Yes very much. Thank you

Replying to: MatthewC Yes very much. Thank you

You're welcome. ☺️ 💓

Absolutely wonderful image 🙂

Thank you, Rokker! ☺️

Usually not a huge fan of portraits, but this one is great. The pose, the emotions, the general vibe... It's all amazing.

Same here, actually! There need to be more than ''Stand there, make no face, look into the camera, done'' for me to care. So, I am really happy you like this! Thank you! ☺️ 💓

Lovely distraction

Heh, thanks! ☺️

Love is in the air.. nicely envisioned

Heh, thanks! 😄

Thank you! ☺️

The smile, the look in her eyes, yhe blush, dverything is perfect here 👏

Replying to: With Big Ones Thank you -- I did a few too m...

Yes, I see tha quality of your published work and your ratio created vs. published. I like this. 👍

Replying to: With Big Ones Ha, oh yes! I suffer from tha...

I highly prefer this than being flooded in my feed by many drafts of the same thing with tiny variations. Frugality is a form of politeness. 😉

Thank you -- I did a few too many as always before picking my favourite. ☺️

Ha, oh yes! I suffer from that... 😅 If I don't like it I don't publish it, unless it is a joke or a silly test of AI. And I'm hard to please, sooo... 😆 Bu thanks. Quality over quantity any day. ☺️

I feel the exact same way. ☺️

Nice character design

Thanks. ☺️

Thank you! ☺️

Heh, thanks. ☺️

Aww, thank you! ☺️

Thanks! ☺️

Thank you. ☺️

I thought this one was very cute 🥰

Aww, thanks, Thoragh! ☺️

Thank you. ☺️

Thanks. ☺️

Thanks! 😄

kinda look s like a girl at my school

Uh oh! Good or bad? 😉

This is an amazing style !

Thanks, glad you like it. ☺️

Beautiful 💜

Thanks. ☺️

Amazing!! 🤩

Aww, thank you! 😄


☺️ 💓

Yes! It's Harry Potter over there!

Ha ha! 😆

Thanks! ☺️

Thank you! ☺️

¡Ay no! 😳 ¡Muchas gracias! ☺️

She's so nice! Love this image ❤️

Thank you so much. ☺️

Amazing expression! 💖💗🥰💞

Thanks! 😄 ❤️‍🔥

It reminds me so much of my college years, that time when the smartphone didn't exist, the time we said "Pssssssstttt" to pass a little piece of paper to the girl we had fallen for. It was necessary to thwart the professor's vigilance. Very well done 👍👏💯

Heheheh, thank you! Hopefully a good trip down memory lane! ☺️

Maybe he's wearing that cloak? 🤔

Nightcafe it's far to could create this images...

It's made with DALL-E 3.

Thanks! ☺️

average girls in colledge:

Thank you. ☺️

I LOVE THIS! Great work!

Thanks! 😃

Thank you. ☺️

Aww, thanks! 😄

Such an amazing image, wow :-)

Thank you so much. ☺️

Thanks! 😄

Beautifully done!! Following!! 😍

Why thank you. ☺️ Back at you!

Is that what you call it? 😅

Aw, thanks! 😄

Heh, thank you! ☺️

Reminds me of Norman Rockwell

Oh, well, thank you! ☺️

Thank you! ☺️

All the boys nearest her will have a profound drop in grades.

Thank you! ☺️

This needs its own story

It's very loose story, but sort of...? If I could get them consistently consistent, heh, then no doubt. ☺️

Thank you! ☺️

Thank you! ☺️

Thank you! ☺️

Thank you! ☺️

Looks like love...Ulp!!🛻

Uh oh! 😱 😳

Thank you! ☺️

Thank you! ☺️

Thank you! ☺️

Thank you! ☺️

A nice creation... following for more.

Thank you! ☺️ 👣


谢谢 ☺️

Thank you! ☺️

Thank you! ☺️

Thank you! ☺️

That face, that Elfin face is missing her troll buddy! That would make a splash in class. What house for Troll students, do you suppose?

Replying to: With Big Ones The dungeon, obviously. 😄

Somehow, that doesn't quite fit the story's happy happy outline. Possibly as Hagrid's Assistant!

Replying to: With Big Ones Well, the Troll and Elf kind o...

I see. I thought in the Potter universe that would fly. That doesn't matter when you are enjoying our art! Not saying that I didn't enjoy " "distracted in class" !

The dungeon, obviously. 😄

Replying to: Chuckles Somehow, that doesn't quite fi...

Well, the Troll and Elf kind of troll doesn't really exists in the Wizarding World... It's another universe and character altogether, this one is human, the other is an elf. ☺️