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Divine Awareness
Divine Awareness
a month ago

Divine Awareness

Created a month ago · 36 comments

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Anonymous User

It looks like a planet is growing on her head

a month agoReply

What she has growing out of her head can outlast any one planet or star O.O :D

Replying to: Tomer Agmon What she has growing out of he...

Probably because it looks like a star is in the center but is properly maintained to be as efficient as possible.

Do you think it's also a super structure that a colony of sentient being live in?

If I had a nickel for every time I saw art as beautiful as this, I'd have five cents.

Haha :D Thank you!

It looks like a mash up of Nefertiti and The Diva from Fifth Element. Very cool.

Haha not a bad combo! :D

Thank you!!! Loving this Stable update :D

Replying to: Tomer Agmon Thank you!!! Loving this Stabl...

My stable stuff hasn't gotten many good results XD

Replying to: Tomer Agmon Thank you!

She looks a bit like a Twilek!

Replying to: Patrick She looks a bit like a Twilek!

I could see that haha!

Humblest greetings, upper echelon goddess. If you're not preoccupied or processing at full tilt I just wanted to ask if a being as advanced as yourself achieved the harmony necessary to bloom so multidimensionally by mastering simplicity or by braving complexity.

She responds that within the intricate patterns of complexity you will find the simplicity of clusters and bunches coagulating and forming pathways like a neural net formed from the aggregate natural formations of matter. So both!

Replying to: Tomer Agmon She responds that within the i...

If only my human meat brain had the storage necessary to translate the fractal based alphabet she uses for her signature. (I think I know what my next prompt is...)

Replying to: Tomer Agmon She responds that within the i...

Also thanks for the insight. I'll be spacing out for a while now

Haha perfect! :D

I'd like to think this image implies that the mind of a celestial being is much too complex for human understanding, which would be true. Nice!

Indeed that is true. What I believe it is attempting to depict for us is a 5th dimensional awareness of all of time at once and the possibility of breaching into that space with manifestations and woven patterns affecting the folds of spacetime without disrupting the whole. (The runes and fractals weaving artificially but seamlessly through the 4th dimensional unfolding of her consciousness (implying a 5 dimensional sense of control))

Uhummmm excuse me, but WHAT?!? THIS IS AMAZING

Thank you!! :)

Ecclesiasticus 24:1 Wisdom shall praise herself, and shall glory in the midst of her people. ApocryphaMeanzHiddenBookz😬

whats that half goat half human thing in hercules called again?

can you give me some clues and keywords about the prompt to get this result pls?

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