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Outland. Not looking back, babe
Outland. Not looking back, babe
2 months ago

Outland. Not looking back, babe

Created 2 months ago · 84 comments· 0 likes


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Awesome art style💜

2 monthsReply

This is beautiful 😍

Excellent creation!

Love the oul painting effects

Great textural painting, Chris (sorry about your streak😢)


Thanks ❤️

I love the sky!!! This is beautiful.


You can always rebuild a streak, my friend. And that's a beautiful image.

Cheers, as always!

Thanks ❤️

I feel you. Losing a streak is no fun. But hey, it happens. No big deal! 😥

Thanks Lovely 💙

Looks Nice, I would like to see you try this challenge

Beautiful painting

Lol! Same as me. nice image!

Beautiful like a grand master’s oil painting.🤩

What a beautiful creation, so subtile, and the colours!♥️

❤️Wow, nicely done

Beautiful style knife strokes painting i like it 😻

Lovely and artistic! 🎨

Masterful! I would frame this and display your piece in a prominent place in my home.

Wow! Love the brush strokes! Well done!

Wonderful, creative outcome.

Love the visible textures of this painting-like image! Wonderful!

Fantastic 😀😀😀

Thank you for participating in the challenge! Congratulations to the winners!

Absolutely gorgeous art

Beautiful ❤️

Salve amici! Thank you for joining us with such amazing works! Boyd #41 is currently going on, it'll be wonderful seeing you there, same room same folks! 🫂

ANOTHER GREAT DAILY NO THEME SHOWCASE! The entries were top notch, and the vibes as always were TOP NOTCH! THANK YOU! Well done! Y’all are super dope! Here are the winning entries! Logged in and can’t find results? Just click on one of the winning images below!





I’ll be posting tomorrow’s challenge shortly! Logged in late and can’t find today’s results? Simply click on one of the winning images above. & Meet me there:


See you soon! XOXO, WYN

Thank you very much for playing in our special event ☑️ Verification celebration ☑️ 💥 No theme throw down championship 💥 Congrats to all the winners! Enjoy those credit rewards... and to the receiver of the SeanMurrayI Appreciation Award! Hope to see you all in the next one 🤣Funniest Fails🤣 Starting in a few minutes 🥳


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