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Asian Bandit Rogue #2
Asian Bandit Rogue #2
2 months ago

Asian Bandit Rogue #2

Created 2 months ago · 14 comments· 0 likes

Dreamshaper XL Lightning


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2 monthsReply

Another great version!!


Thanks …. Bit more overall scene which is nice. 👍💯

O-M-G! I love this version so much more! 💞

Awww thanks…. Same prompt. Funny as I like the other one a bit more but both are very nice. I miss DIX. She had so many great ideas but got soured on NC

This version is a touch mor dynamic than the last. Very nicely done.

I agree, More back scene. Same prompt though 🤷‍♀️

Replying to: Senari Skyweaver I agree, More back scene. S...

She looks to be a formidable character. Which edition are you playing?

Replying to: Noneyabusiness She looks to be a formidable c...

We are playing 5e. We are all kind of really learning the nuances as this is only our 2nd campaign

Replying to: Senari Skyweaver We are playing 5e. We are all...

I personally am not a fan of the 5E system but I know several people who swear by it. Does your DM have his/her own campaign realm or are you using premade material?

Replying to: Noneyabusiness I personally am not a fan of t...

We are clueless haha… you have so much experience. What system do you use? Our first one he wrote our campaign as his own using our back stories and scaled things so we all could learn. This time it is based off of a premade one …. Partially I think

Replying to: Senari Skyweaver We are clueless haha… you have...

I use the 3.5 edition primarily. I have my own campaign setting called "The Otherlands." I am releasing all of the material for this setting to the public on my web site. It just takes time to put everything into book form. My Deities book has over 80 entries in it currently and though I have all of the art done for it I am only about halfway through completing it.

Replying to: Noneyabusiness I use the 3.5 edition primaril...

I was so impressed with the elven book version you posted. Ana amazing amount of work. It is all quite new to me/us but we are loving it.

So beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

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Dreamshaper XL Lightning

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