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Overwhelming Joy
Overwhelming Joy
2 years ago

Overwhelming Joy

Created 2 years ago ยท 145 commentsยท 0 likes


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This does not look like happiness

2 yearsReply
Replying to: Tomer Agmon I renamed it "Overwhelming Joy...

He is overwhelmingly joyed in his own way lol


He is pretty ecstatic lol

I renamed it "Overwhelming Joy" lol

Replying to: Tomer Agmon I renamed it "Overwhelming Joy...

what was it's original name and style then?

Replying to: Zeten141 what was it's original name an...

It was initially just "Happiness" no style, just "photorealistic"

That's the stuff of nightmares...

This seems visually like the type of joy only a sadist feels

You never know, he might just be really excited to bring cookies to the bake sale lol

I'm so confused why your comment was flagged

Replying to: Tomer Agmon You never know, he might just...

Every time I've seen that kind of smile in the past it was always someone who was dishing out some pain and loving it

Replying to: Crystalia Nocturni Every time I've seen that kind...

Fair enough, I forgot to mention that the cookies are alive and in pain O.O

Replying to: Crystalia Nocturni That made me giggle a bit


Replying to: Crystalia Nocturni Same

Agreed, the automod goes crazy overboard when banning words and phrases. It's probably the mere mention of the word s. a. d. i. s. t.... ridiculousness...

Replying to: Crystalia Nocturni Same

Imma do a test on one of my posts and return

Replying to: Tomer Agmon Agreed, the automod goes crazy...

Really hoping they haven't caught on to Gore and viscera, it's great for horror themes

Replying to: Tomer Agmon Agreed, the automod goes crazy...

Yup its apparently sadist

Replying to: Crystalia Nocturni Really hoping they haven't cau...

Well this comment isn't flagged so, so far so good

Replying to: Crystalia Nocturni Really hoping they haven't cau...

I hope not! But they did ban "blood" for a bit until too many people complained and said it was getting automodded even when used for "blood red" color

Replying to: Tomer Agmon I hope not! But they did ban "...

Jeez, even just blood... Like I love the platform but they're really stripping a lot of creative processes

Also we should get this into top comments since the only reason it isn't, is because of spammers.

So hello! How is everyone

Replying to: Crystalia Nocturni Doing alright hbu?

Pretty decent thanks for asking :)



๐Ÿ˜ƒ i love him.

I love him too Iโ€™m seeing a lot of hate but I think he just wants cuddles ! ๐Ÿฅบ

He's clearly just the happiest ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

He's fine with the hate and lack of cuddles :) he's just too happy to care! So while he would appreciate less hate and more cuddles, it's not gonna lower his happiness if not :)


His smile is infectious

Careful, it might be biologically infectious too lol

Replying to: Tomer Agmon Careful, it might be biologica...

With alien bacteria/virus/... All that good stuff.

Replying to: Tomer Agmon Careful, it might be biologica...

Why my face feel funny?

Replying to: Tomer Agmon :D

:D Oh no..

Oh .. just.. wow. I see this one in my nightmares!

Haha excellent :D

Yikes. He seems friendly.

Quite friendly lol!

He just saw the feast of a lifetime

Indeed, he's ready to eat haha

I dont know how you made this but its very original and awesome. Great work.

Almost like the Deacon in Prometheus

Haha I could see that!!

Love it. Love everything about it.

I think the mere pronunciation of his name would involve many cruel, unspeakable acts O.O

Replying to: Tomer Agmon I think the mere pronunciation...

But he's a happy boy, it should require happy things to happen

Hmm perhaps he hates the name given to him by his parents and it's time for him to get a new happier name!

Replying to: Tomer Agmon Hmm perhaps he hates the name...

What do you think of "Ralph"?

Replying to: Tomer Agmon Perfect :D

Ralph feeling overwhelming joy Noice

2 things. Can you check out my stuff? And Idk if I love it or am terrified.

Im not sure what im feeling... but i dont think its joy

Haha don't worry, he's feeling enough joy for the both of you :D

Looks like my sleep paralysis demon

heโ€™s such a happy


He's in a state of overwhelming joy. Whoever woke up to find him at the foot of the bed isn't.

you make some crazy things im sucha beginner id love to learn some tricks my instagram is @meshie.org_ if anyone can dm me some tips!!! ty

What was your prompt for this im trying to make alien like creatures that look similar to this but im striking out on luck can you give me some advice?

Try "A portrait of a... (adjectives to describe it) ...alien", and "photorealistic" and "8k"

When you feel real joy and it's a big feeling this is exactly it. Thank you.

Oldmate looks like oogie boogie needs to layoff the pipe ๐Ÿคฃ love it though

I'm kind of enamoured by this character...I want to know his story!๐Ÿคญ

OMG. This shows that joy isnt purely an emotion of happiness, but has the power to overwhelm and take control of people. Ai truly is the devil!!?!

I can stare at this all day


Thats fricking terrifying ๐Ÿ˜ณ

I like this, I think he's adorable in a way...I wanna name him and adopt him in real life!! Lol!

Reminds of the creatures off of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them!

Seems like someone is experiencing an extensive case of Larple. They should call KSI and Associates so they can get an injury case filed. I heard they just opened a new location in North Park!

This is absolutely happiness or joy. i think i saw this when it was named something else but i can't remember what. I liked that name, too.

Bro just looks like a happy dude I love it

How can I protect myself from copies like you?

Even if I check the box in the account settings, I cannot protect myself from someone copying my work.

You can just sense the frivolity and mirth oozing forth.

this needs to be a submission for an SCP like shy guy !!!!

Such a creep, but also he brings a smile to my face?

Oh I love this so much! ... and then the other guy said to the bar tender... you tell it I'm cracking up here! :D

WOW!!! That is amazing you should check out my stuff

This one's hilarious, would you check some of my creations out?


So be eating a planet

commenting here to say hi luv u <3

Hallooo StarGate Joel Slippery Grass you are the best!! <3 <3 <3

me when credits

That guy sees his next meal landing on his planet.

its creepy and i love it

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