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Black Bird
Black Bird
2 months ago

Black Bird

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DreamShaper v8


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Oil Painting

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"Create an image using the style of hyper realism. The scene is a fantasy scenario featuring a young, beautiful Ukrainian woman. She possesses enchanting eyes, full inviting lips, and flawless skin. Her hair is long and black, appearing as if it is being moved by the wind. She is wearing a worn-out, summer lace mini dress. The image should convey feelings of serenity and sophistication alongside a sense of might. It should be hauntingly detailed, showing great craftsmanship and innovative, dynamic energy. The aesthetic should be HDR UHD HQ, demonstrating a diverse and vast color palette akin to popular digital masterpieces. It should not reference any specific contemporary artist."


"oil painting by James Gurney"



DreamShaper v8

DreamShaper v8

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