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Someone's Sassy
Someone's Sassy

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5 months ago

Someone's Sassy

Created 5 months ago · 42 comments· 1596 likes

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Part of the In Red collection /collection/3gR1YB91R2Xi18TiY9qE

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"Doom in the forest, a figure in a red cloak by Greg Rutkowski, Gustave Doré, Dominicus van Wijnen, and Vincent Di Fate, hyperdetailed, trending on Artstation, VRay, expansive, 8K resolution, subtractive lighting, romanticism, retrofuturism, poster art"


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Anonymous User
5 monthsReply

This looks exactly like a D&D homebrew race I made up

“where’s my cookie >:(“

5 monthsReply

This is dope, I am going to try your settings.


Pretty much all of the images in set are droolworthy. Amazing.

♥ 𝓜𝔂𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓸𝓾𝓼 ♥

Never thought I'd feel judged by piece of silk-clothing. I mean that looks too soft and flowing to be much else.

Wow, that red is so vibrant, I love the mood

Dam...Cool yet Scary.Imagine a Being like this actually exist. The reaper supposedly is in Black....this guy's in Red. What's does it mean?

How did you even get that from someone's sassy??? It's awesome

looks like a video game boss wow


Love it 😍😍

so detailed! i love it

I gotta say, I like when prompts aren’t hidden… I like to see what others do and learn more ways to manipulate the images!

Your Mom after you eat all the cookies

Amazing! I get a Beksinski vibe from this.

Dude! It’s the Crimson King!

He looks like one of the royal guards in Star Wars

When people say "Only god can judge me." they havent seen this man

Makes me wonder if the red cloak is alive or its an invisible person in it

Well this is striking and awesome.

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