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Tub time kitties!
Tub time kitties!
a month ago

Tub time kitties!

Created a month ago Β· 6 commentsΒ· 0 likes

Fluently XL Lightning


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This is epically adorable

a monthReply

thank you, it honestly just came to me and I had to try it out. Very happy with all 4 images and have already posted two of them



thank you, I have a daily updated cats only collection pinned on my account now if you want to check out my older creations. :D

Thanks for taking part in the 'PICK ANY' challenge. So many beautiful creations! Very well done to those who got the highest votes πŸ† βœ¨πŸŽ‰βœ¨

Thank you for sharing your creativity and voting if you had time to do so. I hope you enjoyed taking part and being able to show your best pick from your most recent set of images to others. I hope you will join the challenge again sometime soon πŸ’•β€

We had 2 people coming in at 3rd place a runner up winner and a first place, they were:- No.1 place - Alice-Is-Wonderful @Alice-Is-Wonderful No. 2 place - Drivers @Drivers No. 3 place - SlothFatale @SlothFatale No. 3 place - Jeaellasar @Jeaellasar

Thanks again and bye for now! πŸ€—

wow, this is such an emotional pic!! it is so well done, and all of the factors in the pic contribute perfectly - the texture, the colors, the details, and the overall feeling just draw me in. i am truly amazed by the amount of creativity here too, you took a completely normal animal and turned it into something more. thank you so much for joining my challenge, and i’m looking forward to seeing you in the next one - pets - coming soon!! love you and stay creative ❀️

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"Joyful, smiling anthropomorphic kittens splashing and playing in a bathtub"


"Pixar, Disney, concept art, 3d digital art, Maya 3D, ZBrush Central 3D shading, bright colored background, radial gradient background, cinematic, Reimagined by industrial light and magic, 4k resolution post processing"



Fluently XL Lightning

Fluently XL Lightning

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