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3 months ago


Created 3 months ago · 111 comments· 1740 likes

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"Dying oak tree, treehouse with wildflowers, vines and cobwebs, Naoto Hattori, anna dittmann, tom bagshaw; symmetrical face, fractal, smoke, mist"


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Anonymous User

i think thats the best piece ive seen all day

3 monthsReply

Thank you

Replying to: gullyDJ Ty


175 LIKES IN 11 MINUTEEEEEES????!!!!! XD ok, I quit searching for NightCafe's badges... Nothing for me here Dx

dude its just a bug - itll get fixed soon - ive already reported it

I see... So lucky tho xD!

Replying to: Babyroussa I see... So lucky tho xD!

yeah i know i hit top daily because of the bug and got 200 credits - top daily in 15 minutes lol

HAHAHAHHA!!! Crazy! No chance for us mortals xD

Replying to: Babyroussa HAHAHAHHA!!! Crazy! No chance...

i had to report the bug though im moderator for the nightcafe facebook group so doesnt look good if i find a bug and dont report it

Replying to: Babyroussa HAHAHAHHA!!! Crazy! No chance...

theyve fixed the bug now - but i get to keep my likes for this one :)

Very artistically pleasing I love it!

Thanks you

That is a gorgeous tree

What a beautiful tranquil setting

Woohoo first of pics to 300


Always such amazing work!

Wow! This is awesome! 🤯

Hey, is it okay if I evolve this?😅

That is really cool

So Beautiful. Ilove it!

Ficou linda sua criação, parabéns.

That turned out well! Keep it up!

Ooooo this is gonna get Top Monthly soon!!! 😍😍😍

Hahahaha I neeeeeed them credits haha. But I don't mind holding second place to you for now. Got Adansito grenade breathing down my neck too. It's so tense. Like watching a snail race.


it would be awesome if u could check out some of my creations :)

i can't go on facebook but i would love to learn

the tree has A lot of Depth

this is my most favotire thing ever

what picture was this ? its so good!

Thanks, it was a tree

It look like one of those trees you see in a movie like one of those fighting type movies and that tree looks cool btw


Beautiful! Could u take a look at my art? Ty!

Thank you GullyDJ for your open text prompt, I like your prompt and tried it.

the group link doesn't work for me?? "This content isn't available right now When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted."

The link still seems to work for me. Just search Nightcafe AI Art on FB instead it's the group with about 12k members in

The link still seems to work for me. Just search Nightcafe AI Art on FB instead it's the group with about 12k members in

I did a search but it didn't show up. I was a member but I guess some one kicked me out and blocked me 😔

Oh let me look into it. What's you're FB username?

Marieanne McAvoy

Replying to: cyan Thank you

Yeah had a look you're on the banned list. You could always try to speak Cassandra Hood, she's the head admin for the group.

I might try that if only to find out what I did.

🤖 NightCafe

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