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City of tomorrow
City of tomorrow
2 months ago

City of tomorrow

Created 2 months ago · 53 comments· 781 likes

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"Futuristic city in a Fjord landscape in an Autumn forest by Jordan Grimmer and Studio Ghibli, 8 k, anime art style, cover art, Octane Render made by Studio Ghibli, great detail of depth, beautiful, multicoloured, sci fi city, night setting, neon lights, breathtaking atmosphere, triadic colors"

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Anonymous User

Holy city of the holy skys that is beautiful!

2 monthsReply

Cheers mate! I apprechiat it❤️❤️

CHEERS! lol your welcome!

Cheers mate!

Thanks mate!!🤩

¡Admiro absolutamente tu trabajo!

Love the dimensions

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!!🤩

Wow! This is amazing!

Cheers mate! I apprechiat it❤️❤️

Replying to: Kenmyh Thanks!

your welcome!


Super Cool. Beyond the norm! Dig

Thank you so much DBFish!! I apprechiat it!

Cheers mate!


Cheers mate❤️❤️

Thanks Boecklin!!

Stunning, I love the shadows!

Cheers mate ❤️❤️ I apprechiat it🤩

Thank you so much🤩🤩

I love how it meshes futuristic and mother nature!

just because you said city of tomorrow it made me remember a movie I can't remember the name unfortunately

Beautiful from the streaks of light in the distant background to the colors to the graceful lines of the architecture and the LIGHTING! The lighting is so gorgeous! 🧡

inspirational! for me anyways! love this!

Love the details!

Wow, that's gorgeous!

I don't wanna live there!

🤖 NightCafe

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