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plant on a lightbulb
plant on a lightbulb
17 days ago

plant on a lightbulb

Created 17 days ago · 37 comments· 656 likes

DALL·E 2Medium Res4x

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.

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"the shot of a terrarium inside of a lightbulb, cover art, CGSociety, ZBrushCentral, 64 megapixels, digital illustration, detailed background"

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Anonymous User

Nice, i also tried similiar stuff fromm dall e 2, but this looks better 😀

17 daysReply

Planting bulb! Nice!

Original design, really nice!

Bellissimo! Davvero notevole I miei complimenti!

How do y'all make it look so smoooooooth

Astonishing and gorgeous !

This is beautiful


thanks for the tip. extra creds are always

17 daysReply

I liked the creation because it's good. Please check out mine. I don't have a lot of followers

Such smooth and real, like you can touch it. Incredible)

This is glorious, A. Such a great combo.

Very cool. Also thematically similar to an idea I've been working on. As such I would welcome your input on my electric genie images!

Prompt: "detailed background" AI: "....nah"

Wonderful ❤️🤩

The luminous edges are cool

I've seen a few of these, so cool!

what happend!? This was on top posts of all time! at least for me

Please comment on one of my arts. TY.

This is TheHiddenFables second account. Hello

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