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The Final Toast
The Final Toast
2 months ago

The Final Toast

Created 2 months ago · 106 comments· 0 likes·🪙 1



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Ahem Someone told me that drink is the bomb.

I'll see myself out.

2 monthsReply


what is stronger - the drink, the glass or my amazement? 🤔

Woooow ! Boom ! Wonderful !

Awesome work. The details are on point!!! I also want to give you kudos to you for having a perfect looking hand - go ahead and give yourself a hand (see how I did that?!?!)🤣🤣🤣

Profound, arresting image. The mushroom cloud almost has a quiet Beauty, like a sea anemone or a jellyfish.

Thats right, put all wars in a glas and let the water fill it out. Greatly made

Not nice. Looks like a preview of the future.

Very compresed nuclear Energy. Nice Idea.

Puts storm in a teacup in to proportion

а главное рука как живая

This is hauntingly surreal. I love it so much.

Looks a bit like cold fusion 😉

nice... that's interesting

Love this. From concept to execution its top-notch! Thank you for sharing it.

Pure beauty of D3 unleashed 👌

This is amazing. How did you even think of creating an image like this? Great work.

Outstanding work!! I found it very powerful

Now THAT'S a tactical nuke! Well done.

That’s a great image! 😍

The other glass not getting any attention🥺😆

Brilliant creation, and great work!

behold the power of Dall•E 3. Amazing piece!

Grossartig 😂👍

Thats so cool, bravo 👏

Following for sure 👌

Wonderful artwork, thank you for participating in this challenge

Beautiful, very nice!

Love this creation! Fantastic idea.

DArN, thats a cool idea!! Love it

Wow this is amazing

Stay away from cheap whisky (grin)


Definitely. I love this even without the title and the title is da bomb.

Interesting concept!

What a fabulous creation definitely following

Nicely done! 🖤🐦‍⬛

Excellent, amazing, wonderful, magical work

This is Amazing i am really impressed. Keep up the great work!

Don’t drink the koolade!

this is a beautiful and profound image!!!

the say it will blow your Mind !!!

Interesting concept

A strong drink, not suitable for children I guess!

this a masterpiece. I´m speechless!

Let the bodies hit the floor! Absolutely amazing!

One of those "Atomic batteries"

Love the idea and captured and created perfectly

And it was a Nuclear Demonstration of Satisfaction Epic detail sir.

Mind-blowing Creativity 😅 Love it


Ready to rumble...SMILE!!!

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возможное будущее

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