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Look at the sky Lucy, if you see an aurora, you'll know we succeeded
Look at the sky Lucy, if you see an aurora, you'll know we succeeded
12 days ago

Look at the sky Lucy, if you see an aurora, you'll know we succeeded

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Love this and Watercolour ! πŸ’›πŸ’š

12 daysReply

This looks fantastic!

Nice. 🌸🌸

Beautiful painting

It's just so enchanting.

that aura was bright red does that mean our connection was close?


Mean that connection they succeeded but connection is broke

This is wonderful!!!

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds? Beautiful watercolor effect. Love the layers of texture on the canvas.

Lucy in the sky with Natalie Portman

Excellent, super, wonderful work

I like the quality of this, quite moody and silent. The aurora is felt and seen in the glow. Nice image.


Vraiment très belle image, j'aime beaucoup

I would hang this in my house, somewhere I could stare at it!! Great work

Beautiful work

Very interesting. I like the reflection in the lake.

Amazing! πŸ’š

Beautiful creative watercolors style

Thanks Christine πŸ’š

πŸ‘ What’s the story there?

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