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nearer to the end
nearer to the end
a year ago

nearer to the end

Created a year ago · 41 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰💸 10

DALL-E 24x

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Let us drink to the end. And you don’t have to worry about being hung over in the morning, because there will be no morning.

a yearReply

That's amazing it's breathtaking in a way

Reminds me of an “O’Neill cylinder” - that’s a metal and transparent ceramic cylinder orbiting some object in space which rotates along the axis of the tube, providing artificial gravity. These things are huge, twenty miles long and several across, providing ample livable space on the inside surface of the exterior skin (think of the rings in Halo and how the interior surface is the one occupied - this is because gravity is not the force providing orientation; instead is is the centrifugal* force produced by confining to a curved path a body which would tend otherwise to stay in motion in a straight line.)

  • Centrifugal force BTW is always away from the axis of rotation - centripetal is towards the axis of rotation. The dubious mnemonic that we were taught back in grade school science was centriFugal, F, Flee, like an object is trying to flee from the axis of rotation / centriPetal, P, Partners, an object that wants to partner up with the axis of rotation. I mean I guess it’s not so dubious after all if I remember it twenty plus years later 🙄
Replying to: Jon Hollister * Centrifugal force BTW is alw...

Anyways looks like an O’Neill cylinder which has lost an end cap, suffering catastrophic depressurization. In that event there’s not much you really can do - small leaks from micrometeoroids aren’t such a big deal actually since the enclosed volume of air is so large that weather patterns will form in the center of the tube - a few little leaks is no biggie. But an end cap rupturing, well, that’s just a bad day to be a spaceman/woman cos it’s gonna be so quick you couldn’t grab something to hold even if you had some idea massive depressurization was at risk. And even if you did somehow halt your unplanned departure from the station you inhabit, there’s no air anymore so best hope you have a pressure shot on with a whole bunch of cans of breathable gas nearby…

Replying to: Jon Hollister Anyways looks like an O’Neill...

I feel I need to speak with you. Read my bio and follow me on discord if you have it. I think you may be able to help me with something depending on your intelligence in certain areas.


The world rises! Nice!

Great work!!

So good keep up the amazing work

this is so cool art.

Feels like my world sometimes!


Nice creation can you follow me and I'll follow you

Cool, can u please like my newest or top post.

I love your artwork bro! I followed, i'm looking forward for your next projects!

It's all fun and games until something gets broken. :-)

Definitely one of the cooler post-apocalyptic creations I've seen

Wow! This powerful stuff!

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