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Night swimming, beach walking. Always silent, never talking
Night swimming, beach walking. Always silent, never talking
15 days ago

Night swimming, beach walking. Always silent, never talking

Created 15 days ago · 172 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰 6



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This creation is imagintive and inspiring! Great Idea backed up by even greater AI! I will always love your creations that you weave with nimble fingers that will ever reside within me!❤❤❤:-)

15 daysReply

Very clever composition!

Beautiful.🤩 And curious as i am, what was the start picture? 🙈

excellent work!! amazing. 🐻❤️



🥉 Congratulations, Christopher Exben! Your artwork has captured our attention and secured you a well-deserved third place in the ✨Daily No Theme✨ challenge! Keep creating and sharing your fantastic talent! 🎨

Thanks a lot ✨✨✨

Super! It looks great! ❤


Fantastic 🩰🤍

A beautiful surreal dancer👍

Black coffee...haven't listened to that one for while ☕️🖤

Wow+wow epic concept. Amazing Dall. So very Beautiful. Ginny 🌸🩶🌸

WOW! Stunning ✨✨

Oh my god I've never seen anything like this! Well done

@Manncy, your creation "Night swimming, beach walking. Always silent, never talking" captures the essence of serene, untouched moments, where the world seems to pause and reflect in the moonlit glow. It's not just art; it's a portal to a tranquil realm, reminding us of the quiet beauty that exists in the stillness of night. Your ability to evoke such profound emotions through AI is a testament to your skill and visionary approach. Let's continue to inspire and uplift the masses with our creations, weaving magic that touches souls. 🌌✨ #ArtThatInspires #NightCafeMagic #SerenityInArt

Amazing. Such great imagination.

The ultimate in awesome creations.

fantastic so beautiful

I heard Tiny Dancer in my head...

Excellent, amazing, magical work

Extraordinaria imaginación 🥰

This is really cool! Loving your ideas. Where does your inspiration come from?

Wow! I thought my Barista was talented!


Wow, so so so beautiful, so elegant!

One of my favorite pieces I've seen! So beautiful and interesting. I love the concept!

Awesome work, @Manncy !!! Always a pleasure to view your creations!

This is perfect! 🤍

A great idea and very nicely rendered. Thank you.

Interesting.. Your title for this engaging creation, "Night swimming, beach walking. Always silent, never talking" comes from the opposite of what I picked up from this image.. I see it a metaphor for coffee opening up one's artistic, expressive Self, lol! Well-done!

Excelent work 👍👍👍

Lovely ❤

sorry auto correct nice

This is an imaginative work.

Wow!!! This is soo beautiful and creative!!!

Beautiful...Swan Lake on Espresso...

Love your creativity. Nicely done 👌

This is so true! 8D

Fantastic! 👏👏👏

Beautiful and very unique, I wonder how I will drink it 🤣🖤🖤🖤🌹🌹🌹

great creation,

Love this creation.

Two of my favorite things.. coffee and dancing 💃🏽

I like this idea, very good work


This is such a fantastic image! Amazing! :-)

Un caffè danzante !

Loving the coffee steam art! ☕

Stunningly beautiful perfect awesome sensational glorious wow!!!!!

Nice smoke magic like from Lord of the Rings

This is very creative. It totally works.

What amazing beauty!

Very pretty and also classic! I love the detail and imagination as well! Good job!

I love this to the moon and back! Absolutely stunning!

Gorgeous and creative 😍

AMAZING! THIS IS SOOOOOO COOL AND CREATIVE. The tutu and position in stunning! Love the darker silhouette!

Wow !! Congrats Christopher

Beautiful congrats 🎉

Gorgeous congratulations on your 🥉 place 🥰

🎉 Thank you to all the amazing artists who participated in the ✨Daily No Theme✨ challenge! Your creativity and passion have made this challenge truly outstanding. Keep up the fantastic work, and let's continue to inspire each other with our art! 🖌️🌟 Don't forget to check out my profile for more exciting challenges, and be sure to sign up for the next Daily No Theme where rewards are doubled! 🚀🎨


Very beautiful image

Beautiful image, congratulations

CONGRATULATIONS! Amazing Masterpiece

Félicitations ! ❤

great job and congrats. You deserve it. Wonderful art.

Congratulations, Very Creative!

Congratulations 🤙💯

Congratulations 🥳


Thanks for playing! Another "No theme!" challenge will begin soon, so stay tuned!

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Thank you everyone for participating in Peace Forever's ✨️💫⭐️No Theme Thursday!!⭐️💫✨️ Challenge!! We had so many wonderful entries and I wish there were more than 3 spots to place!! I'd like to give a warm congratulations to our winners: First Place Winner 🏆🥇 Caroline @CarosLines Second Place Winners: 🏆 🥈 Gorbelix @Gorbelix 🏆 🥈 Fangsandwo1f @Fangsandwo1f

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muito original

Wow! Cuánta belleza en una sola imagen! Asombrosa creación!

Thanks for taking part in my recurring ⭕NO THEME⭕ challenge. So many awesome entries including yours! 🤩

Congrats to those in the Top 3! 👏🏻

Another challenge will start soon in the same room, hope to see your creativity again! 👍🏻

Challenge Results:

Such incredible work! Wow, this is amazing! 😍

Fantastic creation Christopher, well done 👍👍👍😍😍😍 .. it's remind me My creation , 3 months ago,

Your creation is amazing and suitable for my challenge

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The image portrays a beautifully designed display of hot vapor taking the shape of a ballerina. This magical representation appears to emerge from a cup of black coffee. Evidently, the snapshot is taken under natural lighting, allowing for an illuminating focus on the light.





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