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Whispers Of Instruction : The Coven Revealed
Whispers Of Instruction : The Coven Revealed
2 months ago

Whispers Of Instruction : The Coven Revealed

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The time with Elsa that afternoon has come to a close for Melanie Jessop. Success for both the coven and herself personally, Miss Melanie Jessop had just a few more words of instructions about the path forward for Elsa and Lizzie.

Bending down one last time close to the still groggy and flushed Elsa she whispers:

"Remember, be a good young woman and do whatever needs done to satisfy Lizzie's questions. We expect to see you BOTH at the next ceremony".

And with that Miss Melanie Jessop, coven leader and master seductress departed the room.

Elsa... slowly coming around to her senses realizes the time and knowing how Lizzie can be with being punctual prepares herself.....

(Apologize Elsa is not quite blonde as most of the others. Pose over hair)

Collaboration with prompts and along with my fab longtime friend here on NC @Winter_Witch

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The mood you're creating in these newest pics is just stunning. Honestly, they're amazing ❤❤❤

2 monthsReply

Thanks to a great story element. This one I had to include as Miss Jessop really looks perfect. Elsa could be a bit more a blonde but the scene is 😍🤩…

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