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Illustration of Tiffany from movie, "Bride of Chucky"
Illustration of Tiffany from movie, "Bride of Chucky"
6 months ago

Illustration of Tiffany from movie, "Bride of Chucky"

Created 6 months ago · 9 comments· 0 likes

Juggernaut XL v5


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6 monthsReply

That is were i have been having problems, Either It will draw a second Tiffany, or make two chucky's

See what i mean?

Replying to: JBPowell That is were i have been havin...
Replying to: JBPowell

that produced this,.

Replying to: Lexx Darkside Illustration of Tiffany and Ch...

the main problem is AI doesn't distinguish the differences in the characters and I never end up with What is asked for, there is always a third added or dupes,. or both in one,. it's weird

Replying to: Lexx Darkside well, you need to work with...

There is this one Prompt i was working with, I wanted Chucky, Jason, and Mike Myers Standing in a Cemetery round a campfire, And all the renders came out All with hockey masks, or all with Mike myers masks, one render was all 3 chucky dolls wearing various masks,. i can't find any prompt that pits two or more entities that has them separate characters, it's so weird,.. i have brought it up in other places like discord and such but have got no responses yet as to prompt editing

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"Illustration of Tiffany from movie, "Bride of Chucky", Gothic, Black Hair, Wearing a black Leather Top Hat, Masterpiece, UHD, 8k CG Wallpaper, Zombiecore"



Juggernaut XL v5

Juggernaut XL v5

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