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Nature’s Gaze
Nature’s Gaze
a month ago

Nature’s Gaze

Created a month ago · 241 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰 7



This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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Very cool, one if my top. Congratulations Javil!

a monthReply

Thanks Kai!

Amazing Javil! I love it!

Thank you Ewe! 🥰

Replying to: JavilWoo Thank you Ewe! 🥰

You're welcome!

congrats my Friend! beautiful creation, one of my top favorites

Wonderful again J!!!😊💖Congrats!

Very well done! ☺️

wonderful, congrats!

Awesome creation 👍 Congrats

beutiful work. world looks better now...

Absolutely awesome 🙌🏻

Amazing! I love the blend of different images into one! Congrats!

Congrats again, beautiful creation!

Congrats! such a winning streak 💜😂

Thank you 😜💜

Congrats! I’m a huge nature girl and I adore this. The question is, who can snatch your crown, king. 😌🤎🌿

Thanks a lot AD! Well try it 😜❤

Won’t be me, I have a few haters it would seem. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It would take a miracle. Anyways, your works are fabulous, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. 🖤

very cool mixture of media and views

That's amazing ❤️❤️❤️

Amazing and surreal, Javil!

Congrats!! Well deserved 😊

Excellent piece, Javs.

That red, steel ball in the corner of her eye is a gaze holder. Enormous amounts of wow!

Absolutely stunning 💜

Yet another awesome one JW 🌟

Love this, like a painting under a painting.

Excellent compisition

this is so brilliant! a real masterpiece! well done!!!

Congrats again, great work

j'adore cette réalisation

Gorgeous my #2 Congratulations

Well, this made my travel in memories

Fantastic creation! A masterpiece that invites deep thought. Well done!

This is beyond amazing

Mavelous stuff:)

WoW !!! Beautiful. Good idea.

Very beautiful, congratulations! 😍🥳🥳🥳

Absolute stunner! I'm blown away! Great work!

Excellent montage of human and tree. Some of my fav people are trees! <3

This is a whole mood and I love it.

even words failed me but my eyes cant help and admire this Work of art

Thank you so much!

Excellent artwork - do you have one prompt hint for me ?

😮 Holy frack! 😍 Wow! 🥰❤️

Beautiful, love it!

Very nice, I love this.

Oh wow Javil!! So well blended in with the scene. I love her face very much and love her expression! 🙂🌺

Thank you so much!

Wow outstanding fabulously done

Wow! Wonderful work!

Awesome! Following for more

I enjoy how you explore new possibilities and challenge yourself with your work. You have a vision that is bold and innovative and I applaud you for pursuing it.

Oh my Goddess!!!!! Top ten all time!!!!!

That is breathtaking. The details are stunning!!! Great work JavilWoo 👏 ❤️

Thank you ! ❤

Brilliant picture!

What app/software was it made in? Brilliant!

Thank you! Made it with midjourney

❣️ very inspiring 🥰


Wahoo, magnifique !! Bravo à toi

Great artwork. Greatness and eleganze walks together here

Thank you Jan!

❤️ Liked 🌟 and 🏆 Following 💜

Great one....well done!

Stunning stuff. Well done!

awesome! the oil textures are stunning!

Excellent, super, wonderful work

This is so beautiful, wonderful piece

Wow! Stunning! 🎨👏🏻🤩

Very original mix exposed

exceptionnel, bravo !

This is truly awesome, and frankly inspiring. Great job!

Wow! Very impressive...I love it

That is pretty spectacular! Well done.

This is enchanting.

A masterpeice! Awesone job. Luv everything about it. 💜🩶🤍

Exceptional piece! Very evocative. I adore the cracks in her face versus the light of life in her eyes. Really intriguing work!

🥰👍Это невероятно красиво и талантливо!

This is insanely good! Awesome work.