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I lost myself today
I lost myself today
2 months ago

I lost myself today

Created 2 months ago · 145 comments· 0 likes·🪙 2


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Looks like Rachel McAdams, who I adore!

2 monthsReply

Or Chloe Grace Moretz


Thanks bro ❤️

Replying to: Bad Maria Media Or Chloe Grace Moretz

Yes, it's CGM... you win!

Both fascinating and creepy at the same time.

Replying to: Christopher Exben everyone has their own point o...

I didn't mean the picture itself, but it made me think of drowning.

everyone has their own point of view ❤️

Replying to: Persamus I didn't mean the picture itse...

I saved her don't worries

Replying to: Persamus I didn't mean the picture itse...

I thought so too, because of her expression

Oh no! She's gonna need mouth-to-mouth! Pushes all ugly chicks aside into the pool to get to her

Beyond Amazing! 🖤🩶🤍🩶🖤

Replying to: Christopher Exben ❤️

Thank You.

Amazing!!! She reminds me of Ever Anderson

Wow, like an updated Ophellia. Darkly Beautiful.

Replying to: Christopher Exben ❤️

Thank you so much for your tip,Christopher… very kind of you😌🙏🏻

You're welcome

Did someone saved her ? 😑

Yeah me ❤️

WOWWWWW gorgeous girl, I love the transparency of the watery and how everything is just so smooth!

Replying to: Christopher Exben ❤️

The water animation and her expression is just so beautiful! I only wish SVD would loop seamlessly to make a perfect .gif 🥰

Amazing animation and image! So expressive. Great creation!

Replying to: Christopher Exben ❤️



Love this image! Great work.

Wow..I love this work😍😍😍Beautiful 👏👏👏

Replying to: Christopher Exben ❤️

Thank you so much!

This is incredibly awesome! Following!

wow this is absolutely incredible!!




Excellent concept.

Looks like Tessa from the After movies

Replying to: Christopher Exben ❤️

thanks for the tip <3 | do u see the resemblance?

Striking. Stay amazing. ☺️🫶

Replying to: Christopher Exben ❤️


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amazing as usual

Wow!! This is brilliant!


Just started the 🎦 2nd Good Pictures for Videos Challenge 🎦. Feel free to join and share link:

Artist 🪙💰 5


you captured this so well!

Wow! Magnificent!


This is amazing! 💙

Replying to: Christopher Exben ❤️

Ty hon! ❤️

What an animation!

This technology is getting TOO GOOD! WOW!


Exceptional Chris 🤩 a reminder to self that I have to make something this haunting and memorable ❣️


You are an master at the video feature @Manncy !

A bit unsettling but very very beautiful!

Super Animation and Image is well done, Christopher!!!

You really nailed it with this one 💯💯💯

Well that’s just cool!

Beautiful image, congratulations!

The play of light in this is outstanding!

this is so realistic great job! love it!

Excellent, wonderful, super work

wow this looks amazing!

Lady in the water, interesting.

I like how this creation has an ethereal look ❤️

Отличная анимация!


Excelent 😀😀😀😀

Love the black and white retro feel.

ThankYou for joining my "💥 No Theme 💥 share images " challenge! It was again Legendary, a lot of great entries. Congratulations to the winners, but also to the ones that did not place. Thanks for coming back to vote, you are great!

  • Here is the link to the past challenge, if you want to see the results
  • Another one started in the same rule, same room. Welcome to join!

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I lost myself today

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