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Not all tales tell the truth
Not all tales tell the truth
5 months ago

Not all tales tell the truth

Created 5 months ago · 126 comments· 0 likes

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And not all hosts tell the truth 🤷🏻

5 monthsReply

But they do. I'm the only one that lies.

Some confess..

my... i suspected you, and then i saw the title... blbllblblblb well done 💟 love the darker red :D

I discovered burgundy today, who knew there's so many colors?

You should read 50 shades of red.


one of my top 5 ❤🖤 congrats!!

Beuatiful! Love this shade of dark red

I like this more twisted version of red riding hood👌🏻❤️

well done Sraton ! beautiful creation


Outstanding creation my friend! Love the darkness of this one

Awesome image 👌 Great atmosphere

Excellent, wonderful, magical work

I love this! It looks like a book cover and I’d read it!

awesome I like it, following

Absolutely Marvelous !!!!! following !!

this is really cool, the colors and shade, love this!

Very cool idea! Flip the script

Tremendous Terrifically Tantalizing

The wolf really has no idea what it has coming for it, and it ain't pretty! (The artwork is pretty though!) ;-) <3 :D

I love the look of this

Love this. Following.

Beautiful creation, that I really like.


Incredible...following !


incredible layering!


Oooooh I really love the art and the title!!!

Stunning! 👏

Like it 👍😍

This is cool. Love style here.

This picture is really well done. Nice artwork !

Ah ah, excellent idea and excellent result. Actually, this tale is in fact about something even darker than hungry wolf... lusty men...

Great interpretation!

This is fantastic, nice work!

C'est magnifique (''It's gorgeous'') !

Awesome! 🤩

Love this ❤

This is so cool! This deserves a follow!

Beautiful creation!

Wow, that's deep! Love the darker red though 🥰

This reminds me of the walking dead. I love it!

In the vast tapestry of human narratives, woven through the annals of history and whispered through the corridors of time, lies a profound paradox: not all tales tell the truth. From the ancient myths passed down through generations to the modern fables crafted by masters of fiction, the line between fact and fiction, reality and imagination, can often blur, leaving us to question the veracity of the stories we encounter.

At the heart of this enigma lies the nature of storytelling itself—a potent alchemy of words, emotions, and perceptions that transcends mere recounting of events to illuminate deeper truths about the human experience. In the hands of skilled storytellers, narratives can shape our understanding of the world, offering insights into the complexities of the human condition and the mysteries of existence.

Yet, amidst the artistry and magic of storytelling, lurks the specter of distortion and manipulation. Not all tales are bound by the constraints of truth, for some are crafted with ulterior motives, designed to deceive, manipulate, or obscure reality. Whether through embellishment, omission, or outright fabrication, these stories weave a web of illusion that can enthrall, enchant, or ensnare the unsuspecting listener.

In an age where information proliferates at an unprecedented pace, the distinction between fact and fiction becomes increasingly elusive. In the digital realm, where algorithms shape our perceptions and echo chambers reinforce our biases, discerning truth from falsehood can feel like navigating a labyrinth of mirrors, where reality fractures into a kaleidoscope of conflicting narratives.

Yet, amidst the chaos and confusion, the quest for truth remains an enduring imperative—a guiding star that illuminates the path forward amidst the shadows of uncertainty and doubt. For while not all tales may tell the truth, the search for authenticity, integrity, and veracity endures as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of storytelling to illuminate the darkest corners of our existence.

As we embark on this journey of exploration and discovery, let us heed the wisdom of discernment, cultivating a critical eye and an open mind as we navigate the labyrinth of stories that surround us. For in the convergence of truth and fiction lies the potential for revelation, transformation, and enlightenment, reminding us that not all tales may tell the truth, but within each narrative lies a kernel of wisdom waiting to be discovered.

In the realm of human experience, there exists a force that transcends logic, defies reason, and speaks to the very essence of our being. It is a whisper in the soul, a stirring in the depths of consciousness—a primal instinct that guides our actions and shapes our destiny. This force, ineffable yet undeniable, is what we call "It Comes From the Heart." & I Mean it Well done! you hit a note in this heart of mine thank you.

Thank you! A unique comment to say the least, but I enjoyed the substance of it.

Stunning creation ❤️

Perfect! Brings to mind a book by John Moore - Lovebite

@SRATON, your "Not all tales tell the truth" is a profound exploration of the shadows that dance between reality and myth. 🌒✨ Through the lens of #red-riding-hood, you've not only reimagined a classic tale but also delved deep into the psyche, sketching with gunpowder the complexities of truth and deception. Your art, like a carefully crafted sketch, layers shades of meaning beneath its surface, inviting us to question not just the stories we are told, but alsothe ones we tell ourselves. 🖌️💥 In this beautiful silhouette against the darkened forest, you've captured a moment that is both haunting and enlightening. #FairytaleReimagined #ShadowAndLight Let this piece be a reminder of the power of art to challenge, to confront, and ultimately, to transcend. Bravo for weaving such a compelling narrative that sparks the imagination and ignites a quest for deeper understanding. 🌟📖

Beautiful analysis, and echoes some of the things I had in mind myself. I much admire the writing style of yours and thanks, and I'm glad you so deeply enjoy my creation.

This is extremely beautiful

Very provocative… evocative? Both?

So, did she made breakfast out of the wolf? :D

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