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a month ago


Created 2 months ago · 166 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰💸 47

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Loveee this so much!!✨❤️

a monthReply

A very beautiful creation Adan. Bravo

incredible! Looks very very real

LOVE, but the question is... "Is she in the glass or is she on the otherside of the glass?"

Excellent, wonderful, amazing work.

Amazing creation!

🪙 1



Gorgeous, congrats

Wow... the upscaler did an amazing job cleaning this up. Fantastic.


Beautiful. Very pretty

This is gorgeous!!!!!


🪙 1
🪙 1

Beautiful! One of the best examples/results of the new upscale that i have seen!

Awesome! ❣️⭐✨❤️


Stunning image Adansito!!


That's beautiful

Very cool! ❤️

congratulations, especially for the "action" cursor 😉

Awesome! Congratulations!

For me it seems scary




You're absolutely insane with these portraits. Gorgeous realism and I'm so vibing with this.

Thank you @adansito for your generosity


Very beautiful❤️

Muchas gracias por la propina ☺☺

Muchas gracias por la propina ☺☺

thanks for your support, adansito !

So very cool!! Great job!!

Amazing glasswork!

Now I want to see a real photoshoot with this concept. That's amazing

Super! Very original, well done.

Nice effect and high level of realism.

It's almost haunting

This is perfect


Incredible light reflection!


Brilliant, love it. Great detail


Wow gorgeous !

Jest beautiful 💛

so fantastic the lighting is amazing.

What a cool image! Really Awesome 👌 👏 👏

🧡💛 Thank you for the tip! 💛🧡

This is So Surreal and Beautiful! I am really impressed!

waooo waoo waoo hermosisismoooo

So beautiful! Tks for the tip BTW Adansito! 😍

This is amazing!!!

Breathtaking beauty! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the tip on my recent challenge, it's very generous & appreciated! 😊

wow, so very beautiful ❤️

Very nice. Andasito. I like it.

I can hardly imagine what the future of our ai generations look like even after spending years practicing it, well done adan

I don't know which I like better 😅 the original is impeccable too


Absolutely mesmerizing! 😍

Amazing pic! Congratulations

Oh my its so beautiful 😍

You throw out some Outstanding Prompts!

Absolutely stunning!

Clever and very effective. Following.

Wow, this is really fantastic!

Waw, so real!!! Incredible effect and so well done 😯. Your imagination and mastering are amazing!

Such a great creation, incredible work!

The effects of the glass tiles is totally amazing! <3<3<3

Nice!! Love the water effect!

Oh wow ,stunning!Following!

❤️ So very beautiful! Both the before and after have their own beauty!

Wouaouh 💝 beautiful Idea 🥰

I don't know what I'm looking at, but I like it

So nice! Proud to give it the 2000 like!

It looks so realistic, love it.

magnifique 🖤❣️🖤

Super realistic!!! Great idea for a clear, glass pool wall😍😍😍❤❤❤

Très original !

Like Rose said in Gypsy "you either got it, or you ain't, and baby, you got it!!!!

the light on her face and neck make the pic pop! what a beautiful creation!

Thanks for tippin 👍😉

love the light. can't tell if she's under water or behind glass. it's beautiful! ❤️

A very beautiful creation Adan. Bravo

I love both the before and after! great job.

Another stunning image! It's like watery glass. ❤️

I have always just needed that shower with those blocks in a garden tub since I was little and saw it in my friends house. When I was older and saw it again I was like... Yeah. Press my hands and face against it.

Beautiful! (and thank you for tipe)

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a sleeping woman in front of glass block wall with a light reflecting from water, in the style of light emerald and light beige, organic expressionist, tenwave, minolta srt-101, precise detailing, 16k resolution photorealistic, masterpiece, breathtaking intricate details, realistic and lifelike cgi, dramatic natural lighting, reflective catchlights, high quality CGI VFX fine art



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