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AI Text to Image Art Generator

Easily create incredible, beautiful artworks in only a few seconds, from nothing but your own words. Use state-of-the-art text to image AI to produce amazing art without coding.

Realistic Anime

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Top text-to-image AI Art

See some of the top text-to-image artworks that users have made with NightCafe Creator's multiple text to image AI algorithms.

fluid fox
Lonely boat
Reflections Beyond Time and Space
rainy day 🐸
Mousing 101: The Eager Apprentice
Coffee Aroma
The sky can cry too
Knight Owl
Wings of Moonlit Grace
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My mind is blown by NightCafe and I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing the work it generates!

— @TheNamesClove
The Gilded Night Sea
sharing the flame

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Millions of people use NightCafe every month to create, share and discuss AI art. In a few simple steps, you can create images and illustrations to share with your friends.

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Start or join a chat room with your friends, then collaborate, jam, or simply hang out while being creative.

Official daily AI Art challenges

Put your creativity and prompting skills to the test. Thousands of people enter and vote on each-other's creations every day.

Free to use

Unlimited base Stable Diffusion generations, plus daily free credits to use on more powerful AI models and settings.

More algorithms than anywhere else

Choose from Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 3, SDXL, thousands of community-trained AI models, plus CLIP-Guided Diffusion, VQGAN+CLIP and Neural Style Transfer.

Web and mobile generators

Create AI generated artworks from your laptop, tablet or mobile and review the images from any device.

Stable Diffusion Art
Prompt: "A hipster llama wearing a hat, studio lighting, award-winning photography."

State of the art

Stable Diffusion AI Image Generator

Stable Diffusion is the new darling of the AI Art world. An open-source AI text-to-image algorithm that can go toe-to-toe with DALL-E and Imagen.

Images generated with Stable Diffusion are incredibly coherent. This image of a Llama wearing a hat was generated in just a few seconds from a fairly basic text-prompt. Read more about Stable Diffusion on NightCafe or dive right in and start creating now!

Text To Image Art
Prompt: "Colourful cubist painting of a parrot in a cage"

Text to image AI

VQGAN+CLIP text-to-image AI art generator

Create beautiful art images from nothing but a text prompt with NightCafe Creator. Our AI image generator will "paint" anything you want - it's as simple as asking. Our text-to-image art generator can render just about anything you can put into words using VQGAN CLIP algorithms. Try a cultural reference, poem, lyric, or random phrase, and the AI transformer will turn the words into a piece of art. The creativity is in your words.

Finding the right combination of words to generate your intended output is the challenge. The initial result may not be what you had in mind, but it will always be interesting! With time, you will learn how to use the image generation tools and how to create the images you are looking for.

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CLIP Guided Diffusion
Prompt: "Post-apocalyptic Wonderland"

Create Coherent Images

CLIP-Guided Diffusion text-to-image AI art generator

NightCafe now also offers a second text-to-image AI algorithm called CLIP-Guided Diffusion, which we refer to as the "Coherent" algorithm. The coherent algorithm is fantastic at generating more realistic images, composed in a believable way, to look more like a photo. While VQGAN+CLIP often gives you things like buildings in the sky or repeating pixel patterns, Clip Guided Diffusion does a better job of obeying the laws of physics when you run the encoder.

Create a Coherent Image

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No coding required, and takes seconds to learn. Type a text prompt then set the algorithm parameters with a few clicks to create amazing AI images.


Create artworks from text using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. View and manage your images from anywhere.

Free tier

Unlimited free base Stable Diffusion creations. Download free or paid creations without watermarks!

Thank you for the amazing work. I'm LOVING it, specially now that I figured my "style".

— u/DadHunter22 on Reddit
Text To Art
Prompt: "It's like that drug trip I saw in that movie while I was on a drug trip"

The art of asking

VQGAN+CLIP - Harness the power of AI to turn words into images, producing your own art

Take a look into the mind of a convolutional neural network. VQGAN is a generative adversarial neural network that can generate images. CLIP judges how well an image matches your prompt. Put them together, repeat a few hundred times, and the results can be incredible!

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How to create text to image art with our artificial intelligence image generators

Create AI generated images in a few clicks. No code required to generate your art!

Step 1. Create

Type a text prompt, add some keyword modifiers, then click "Create."

Step 2. Wait

...for a minute or two while the AI text-to-image algorithm works its magic.

Step 3. Admire

Admire your artwork for a while, then do whatever you like with it. You can even sell your images!

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NightCafe Text-to-image Art Generator FAQs

Learn more about our Text-to-Image Art Generator

🎨 How do I create Text-to-Image Art?

The "how" is easy. Just enter any word or phrase you like into the AI algorithm - this is known as the text prompt. E.g., "A cow jumping over the moon." We have also provided you with a list of popular modifier keywords that will help influence the style of your art. E.g. "Abstract," "Trending on Artstation," and "Water Color" just to name a few. Modifiers are optional settings when using VQGAN and CLIP. When you click "Create," our AI will work its magic to produce an image that matches your text prompt.

⏱️ How long will it take me to create Text-to-Image Art?

New algorithms available on NightCafe only take a few seconds! Older algorithms like VQGAN+CLIP and CLIP-Guided Diffusion take between 1 and 30 minutes depending on how long you choose to run them for. VQGAN AI is a transformer that changes the text prompts into images, and a longer run time gives your images a better chance of properly forming.

What text-to-image algorithms are available on NightCafe?

NightCafe currently offers more text-to-image AI algorithms than anywhere. Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, CLIP-Guided Diffusion and VQGAN+CLIP are all currently available on NightCafe.

🤖 What is VQGAN+CLIP?

VQGAN and CLIP are two state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that work together to create art from a text prompt. VQGAN is an image generator, and CLIP can judge how well the image matches your prompt. CLIP gives feedback to VQGAN on how to make the image more like the text prompt even without prior training. Run this process a few hundred times, and some incredible results emerge during the generation process!

VQGAN and CLIP work together to produce amazing results. By playing around with the settings, you can create images that never cease to amaze.

⚡️ What is CLIP Guided Diffusion?

CLIP-Guided Diffusion is a text-to-image AI algorithm that combines two types of neural networks to generate images. "Diffusion" works by gradually training a neural network to reverse a process of adding "noise" (random pixels) to an image. Once trained, the neural network can generate new images from nothing but random noise. In CLIP-Guided Diffusion, CLIP is used to "guide" the diffusion process towards an image that matches a particular text prompt.

🕺 What is Disco Diffusion?

Disco Diffusion refers to a particular implementation of CLIP-Guided Diffusion, available on an online programming platform called "Google Colab." Programs on Google Colab are usually referred to as "notebooks." The Disco Diffusion notebook combines a lot of improvements that various developers have made to the original CLIP-Guided Diffusion algorithm and is able to produce some amazing results.

🔠 What does VQGAN stand for?

VQGAN is a machine-learning algorithm that can be used to generate images. VQGAN stands for Vector Quantized Generative Adversarial Network. "Vector Quantization" is a data-compression technique that allows a large set of data points to be represented by a much smaller set of groups. "Generative Adverserial Network" is a type of neural network architecture that pits two neural networks against each other - one network aims to generate realistic images, and the other network aims to discriminate between real and generated images. As they both get better at their defined task, the images that they generate become more realistic.

🤷‍♂️ What's the difference between VQGAN+CLIP vs CLIP Guided Diffusion

VQGAN+CLIP and CLIP-Guided Diffusion are both text-to-image AI algorithms. VQGAN+CLIP (referred to on NightCafe as "Artistic") came first. VQGAN and CLIP are very good at generating images with beautiful textures based on text prompts with lots of artistic keywords. If you are looking to generate abstract and creative images, VQGAN might be the best approach. CLIP-Guided Diffusion (referred to on NightCafe as "Coherent") came later and uses a different process for generating images (see "What is CLIP-Guided Diffusion" above) but still uses CLIP to guide the visual generation. Diffusion is better at composing images in a coherent way than VQGAN, and you're more likely to get realistic-looking results when you run the diffusion algorithm on your prompts.

💸 Will it cost me money to create Text-to-Image Art using NightCafe Creator?

You can use NightCafe Creator to generate unlimited base Stable Diffusion creations for free. A base generation is thumb resolution, short runtime and a single image. More powerful settings, or other algorithms like DALL-E 2, CLIP-Guided Diffusion or VQGAN+CLIP cost credits. Everyone gets a free credit-topup every day, and you can also earn credits by participating in the community. To create more images, you can purchase a credit pack or earn credits by participating in the community. No subscriptions are required when you generate images.

📱 What platforms does NightCafe Creator work on?

NightCafe Creator is a web-based image generation app. You won't find it on any app store, but you can install it and run it on the home screen of your iPhone, Android phone, or tablet. Once the image generation app is installed on your device, you can begin to create beautiful images from text.

🖼️ Do I own the artworks I create?

Yes! As long as you own (or have permission to use) any images that you used in the creation process, we transfer any Copyright assignment to you - the creator. Please check the Copyright laws in your own country to confirm. Copyright laws for AI-generated art are still evolving, and some jurisdictions will not grant Copyright for AI-generated artworks.

Give your words new life and transform them into stunning artwork with NightCafe.

The results may not be what you expect, but they're always interesting!

I input "a sexy muffin dripping with butter" into a text-to-image generator and the results are some of the most terrifying images I've ever seen.

Eric Decker on Twitter
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More about VQGAN+CLIP

Read our VQGAN+CLIP tutorial to create art from a text prompt like a pro, or check out our VQGAN+CLIP keyword modifier comparison.

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