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an hour agoΒ· πŸͺ™ 1

lonely wanderer in cyberpunk city


Look at my profile to see more works like this

Kershroom I love the neon signs :D

MortenLothBeautiful !

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Anonymous User

Strength On Display

StableMediumLow Res

The losing gladiator is made an example of, his strength rendered useless and on display pulling a moving cart

MormonwookieeSo good! The loser becomes the chariot!

The Reverend BKAnother great image .

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an hour ago

A Delicate Flower

StableShortLow Res2x

This was also originally one of my drawings but I evolved it a couple of times. So addicted to this, honestly. My collection of portraits: And if you want even more, have a look at the outtakes: ... Read more

Tea leaves You… you d-d-d-drew this??? AHHHH it’s gorgeous πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

GazelliNo, you don't want to know with what I started, lol. I evolved it two or three times. I am not that skilled tbh :D. But you don't need to be. So if you know how to draw only a little bit, it can produce amazing results. I am really fascinated with how much the ai can "improve" an artwork and, at the same time, how much you can "direct" the ai with simple shapes, colours etc.

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