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AI Art Therapy:
AI Art Generator for Creative Expression

Generating art with Artificial Intelligence can help you wind down, relieve stress, and clear your mind. Try it now for free.

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This is excellent therapy for a worrier. Which I am.

— Becky
Art Therapy Digital
Island Landscape Vista by NightCafe user tdraw_ai_art

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Art Therapy

AI-generated art has been a growing trend in recent years. It's often in the news associated with things like cryptocurrency (NFTs), deepfakes, and the potential for dangerous applications; but there's one under-reported aspect of AI art that's obvious to anyone who's tried it - it's surprisingly therapeutic.

It's no secret that finding a creative outlet can help with stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem and other mental health conditions. But until now, creative outlets were a lot harder to find. The advantage of AI Art as a form of therapy is that it's so easy to start - you don't need any existing skills.

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It's surprisingly therapeutic

AI Art Therapy Software
Prompt: "Colourful cubist painting of a parrot in a cage"

AI Art Therapy Software

NightCafe is an AI Art Generator that allows you to create artworks by describing them in a text prompt. Users often report that they use NightCafe as a form of digital art therapy - it helps them to wind-down, de-stress or clear their head.

You can't imagine how much good it has done me to be able to create "art" without being an artist. It's therapeutic.

— Oscar
Express yourself through AI Art Therapy
"Hallstatt" - by the artists at NightCafe Studio

Learning to Express Yourself Through AI Art

One of the goals of art therapy is to delve into your inner thoughts and emotions as part of a creative process. In the context of AI (artificial intelligence)- assisted art therapy, that might be as simple as writing down some of the things you feel in a 'text prompt' for the AI.

Of course, that's not the only way to get the therapeutic benefits from AI art. Many people simply like to see beautiful artworks and get a thrill - even a sense of pride - from the fact that they created it.

AI Art is therapeutic
Prompt: "Post-apocalyptic Wonderland"

Find your artistic style

A big part of AI Art (not just from a therapy point-of-view) is in finding - and then honing - your own artistic style. Maybe you'll discover that you really like the way the AI portrays underwater landscapes, or robots. Perhaps you'll find that when you include the names of a few particular artists in your prompt, you get something truly unique that you can call 'your own style'.

Once you've found a style, or a subject that you enjoy, keep going! Hone your style, find more keywords that improve it, try using the style on different subjects. If you try enough combinations, you'll become an expert on using your style.

Digital art therapy
Prompt: "Scary skeleton astronaut in space"

Keep a notebook of prompt ideas

Once you've developed your own style (or a few styles you like), the next challenge is dreaming up new 'subjects' to generate in your style. Many artists on NightCafe keep a notebook (or spreadsheet, note in their phone, etc) of "prompts to try" so that if they think of an interesting prompt idea, they can add it to their list to try later.

Once you've got a list of things to try, you'll never feel like you're lacking inspiration, or lost for ideas. Having this list can really help overcome the 'what should I create' hurdle on days where you feel particularly stressed, tired or depressed.

AI Art Therapy FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

🤖 How is AI used to create art?

There are a few different methods of creating art with AI, but the most popular category of methods is "text-to-image", which involves giving the AI algorithm a text prompt and letting it generate an image based on that prompt.

🖌️ Can AI be used for art therapy?

AI can be used for art therapy. Using artificial intelligence to create artworks can be very therapeutic, and can help with stress, winding down, self-esteem, depression and other mental health issues.

🛋️ What are the types of art therapy?

The types of art therapy include analytic art therapy which focuses on the ideas transferred between the therapist and client during a therapy session, art psychotherapy in which the therapist analyses the client's artwork, and art as therapy which focuses on the creative process itself. Art as therapy is the type of art therapy usually being referred to in the context of AI Art Therapy.

Hi, loving this site. It is proving to be an art-therapy solution for my tired, aching brain.

— Derek

Example Creations

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fluid fox

DALL-E 36x


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Shr00mGorgeous fox Adansito. Well done (as always)

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Lonely boat

SDXL 1.0 + 2 addons

Daily Challenge #585:Masterpiece Monday

Thanks for the beautiful model @RobotK--LK999

mathy_art_girl_305so peaceful... congrats

Carol BStunning! Congratulations on Third place in the DC!

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Reflections Beyond Time and Space
Reflections Beyond Time and Space

Reflections Beyond Time and Space


Daily Challenge #578:Masterpiece Monday

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment or give this image a like. As time permits, I will try to look at your profile and also give you a comment if you left one on my profile. Thank you again!

PJBeautiful, congrats!


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Thanks to everyone who left a comment or a ❤️ Very much appreciated!

DahutThank you for participating in the challenge! Congratulations to the winners!


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Untitled Creation
Untitled Creation

Untitled Creation

Crystal Clear XL

Daily Challenge #593:Flowers in Bloom

Original prompt belongs to @grrc


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