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NightCafe Community Standards

Guidelines for what's allowed - and not allowed - on NightCafe

We value our community, and we want to keep it fun, positive and safe; so we developed these guidelines for participating in the community in a way that keeps it such.

If you see a creation or comment on NightCafe that you think violates these guidelines, you can report it. Reported comments and creations will be reviewed by moderators.

Repeat violations of these guidelines will result in a community ban (you won't be able to publish comments or creations, but you can still create). Particularly egregious violations may result in your account being disabled entirely.

How to behave on NightCafe

For the most part, it's as simple as not breaking the rules below, but here's what we encourage:

  • Compliment users on their creations
  • Make new users feel welcome, and give them tips on how to improve (in a constructive way)
  • Feel free to ask questions about how something was achieved, but remember the artist is not obliged to divulge their secrets
  • If a creation evokes emotion, let the artist know!

What should be marked NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

NightCafe allows some NSFW content as long as it's marked as such by the creator. Many young children use NightCafe (with and without parental supervision) and we want to keep it safe and appropriate for them. The guideline for what to mark as NSFW is anything that would give a movie or TV show a M15+ rating. For example:

  • Moderately sexual content, including any nudity (even artistic nudity). Overly sexual content (full-frontal nudity, porn, etc) is not allowed even with a NSFW tag.
  • Gore or violent content.
  • Swear words or adult themes in the title or text prompts.
  • Content depicting or discussing illegal activities, drugs or drug use.

What's not allowed

The following themes will likely result in your content being rejected by a moderator:

  • Non-constructive criticism or content that creates a hostile or unwelcoming environment
  • Overly sexual content (moderately sexual content should be marked as NSFW)
  • Homophobic, transphobic, racist or other discriminatory content
  • Political arguments and content that could be considered bait for such an argument
  • Gore
  • Offensive language
  • Bullying, personal attacks, harassment, doxing
  • Spam


In addition to manual reporting of creations, we have an automoderator that will flag creations and comments for human moderation.

Things that will flag the automoderator include:

  • Swear words and other words that often appear in content that violates the community guidelines.
  • Links in comments (except to a NightCafe page) will flag the comment as potential spam. Other users will still have the option to see it (by clicking "Show anyway") until it's approved or rejected by a moderator.


Use of the DALL·E 2 algorithm is subject to OpenAI's Content Policy. Unlike our other algorithms, creations must be G-rated, and you are not allowed to create images of celebrities or public figures.

Please read the full OpenAI Content Policy (it's really not very long).

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